It’s Walleteer Wednesdays: Meet Lance!

Working at FatWallet has lots of perks. You get to see hot deals and coupons come through wire. You get to learn new things, and eat yummy food. And the golden perk of it all – you get to work with innovative and cool people. The Walleteers at FatWallet bring a diverse mix of talent and background that form the base of this company. Yes, we may have some robots hidden in the FatWallet vault, but for the most part – we are all living and breathing humans. We’d like to introduce you to some of these people.

Today, we are featuring Lance Meyer. Lance is one of our rock star forum moderators, and has been with the company for 4 years. When he is not working on his Network Security degree, he enjoys coming to FatWallet because it is virtually ”a stress free job”.

Little known talent of Lance:

Amazing couch potato

Keys to Lance’s Heart:

Favorite Food: Simply too much decliciousness to pick just one
Favorite Movie: Austin Powers Triology
Experience: Proud dad of three

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