Join FatWallet’s Ugly Holiday Sweater Party and You Could Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card

Mirror Mirror on the wall who has the Ugliest Sweater of them all?

It’s time to scavenge the deepest darkest depths of your closet and find the ugliest sweater you have. Grab your camera and snap a photo of yourself in your Ugly Holiday Sweater and enter it in the FatWallet Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

You know the sweater I’m talking about! That old holiday sweater that Aunt Betsy made you with too many Santa heads and jingle bells that never stop jingling. Or perhaps it is a sweater that is best described as a “Cosby” sweater and might have even been worn by Bill Cosby himself in the late 80s. Those sweaters that you thought would never see the light of day are going to be perfect for the party we are planning.

FatWallet’s Facebook Ugly Holiday Sweater Party:

We want to see you strut your stuff across our FatWallet Facebook page in your Ugly Holiday Sweater for the world to see! Facebook friends of FatWallet will get to vote to decide who’s got the Ugliest Holiday Sweater of all!

Entering is Simple!
1. Enter your name, email, and user name in the form on our Facebook tab
2. Upload a photo of yourself in your Ugly Holiday Sweater, Vest, or Cardigan
3. We’ll approve your sweater as soon as possible so you can start gathering votes!
4. Round up your friends to come vote for you! Everyone can vote once per day during the contest.

Contest Dates: December 19th, 2012 until 12:00 PM CT on December 26th, 2012

One lucky FatWallet member will be chosen based on the entry with the highest number of votes to receive the $100 Amazon Gift Certificate. Please read the official rules before entering! Here are the official rules of this contest. (Hey NY, FL and RI members: You’re also included in this Giveaway! So have at it & have fun!) Winning member will be notified by PM (private message) and email.

Want to Plan a IRL (In Real Life) Ugly Holiday Sweater Party? Here Are Some Tips:

My freshman year in college I was invited to a friend’s ugly sweater party. At the time I had never heard of such a thing. I didn’t understand what they meant by an ugly sweater, I didn’t have anything that was ugly (at least I didn’t think I did).

A group of us went shopping for a so called “ugly” sweater at the local thrift store. They had no holiday sweaters left; the trend of ugly sweaters was catching on quickly. Luckily each of us was able to find some type of sweater, my boyfriend and I found matching bunny sweaters in pink and blue.

The party was later that evening and my friends and I had a great time. We were dressed in our worst and enjoying every minute of it. To add to the fun, at the end of the night we had a contest and voted for the ugliest sweater.

Years later we still uphold our tradition of celebrating in our most hideous clothing. Every year is just as exciting as the first, and we add new faces and continue our search for the ugliest sweater.

Get More Miles Out of that Ugly Holiday Sweater!

Just this year my friends and I participated in an Ugly Sweater Run in Chicago, IL. We had a blast with thousands of others all dressed up in our ugly best. But this year I wanted to be a little more festive, my pink bunny sweater just wasn’t going to do it this year. I was in search of the ugliest holiday sweater I could find. I searched everywhere; l scavenged thrift stores and even hunted through my parents’ closet for those sweaters my mom wore when I was little. Unfortunately, I came up empty handed and sweaterless, that’s when I decided to make my own. So I invited my friends over for an ugly sweater decorating party, bought a sweater from Wal-Mart and a package of fabric paints (oh and don’t forget the wine) and we all started decorating our own sweaters.

Are You One of the Few Without an Ugly Sweater in Your Closet?

Decorating your own sweater not really your thing? That’s ok, finding an ugly sweater is becoming much easier. You can try these stores through FatWallet for cash back options Urban Outfitters, Wal-Mart, Kmart, or check your local thrift stores.

An ugly sweater party is a great theme for your next holiday party. Start planning right away, and find your ugliest sweater. Invite all your friends and family and you’re sure to have a blast. Have a contest for the ugliest sweater and have a little prize for your winner. It doesn’t have to be anything big. For an inexpensive and fun prize stop at your local dollar store and pick anything holiday themed and you’ll have a wonderful prize to hand out.

Make it a tradition with your friends to celebrate the holidays in the ugliest way you can.

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