Keeping the Magic of Santa Alive

My husband and I have been greeted every Christmas morning for the last 12 or so years by one of our 3 kids in their warm fuzzy pajamas bursting into our bedroom, “Kramer style,” announcing that Santa was here and it’s time to open up presents!

I love it and will be so sad when the kids are big enough that the excitement and magic fades into mornings of sleeping in.

Our family traditions have kept the magic alive for our kids longer than most and I think my husband and I have had as much fun as the kids with all these Santa activities. :)

Here are some of the things we’ve done over the years to make the spirit bright and the belief bullet-proof, for another year.

Santa Branding:

Santa’s presents come wrapped in the same paper every year.

The same way you can recognize in an instant the logo of your favorite stores, in our family we can tell which gifts under the tree are from Santa.

While bargain hunting at one after Christmas sale many years ago I picked up a few jumbo rolls of the same patterned paper. We’ve only used it for the gifts from Santa and I’ll probably be stocked until my 4 year old is a daddy!

A Letter from Santa:

In year’s past, Santa would send the kids a letter postmarked from the North Pole, but one year I wasn’t organized enough to pull it off in time so Santa left our kids a letter next to the plate of his cookies and milk.

The tradition stuck. It’s typed on Santa’s special letterhead and always signed in red. He wishes the family Merry Christmas and tells the kids about something they’ve each done in the past year that made him proud.

This website might give you some ideas: Christmas Letter Tips.

Santa’s Flight Plan

As the daughter of a pilot, I always wished I could fly somewhere with my Dad on Christmas to see if I could spot Santa in the sky.

And while that’s never happened, I felt some satisfaction of a dream realized when I learned of NORAD several years ago. NORAD stands for the North American Aerospace Defense Command which tracks Santa’s flight each year.

It’s our family tradition to track Santa’s flight on their website all day on Christmas Eve to see which countries Santa’s visiting and we call in every year to find out what time Santa will be in our area. It’s great incentive to get the kids to bed since they know he won’t come until they’re asleep! :)

Phone Call from Santa

This is something fun and new for us this year! Santa called my 4 year old son to wish him Merry Christmas. It’s free, to send a personalized call or video from Santa and was a total hit in our house this year!

One tip I can share is that you call ahead to warn the grown-ups in the house before sending the call so that the child receiving it is right there to hear it.

I hope you have fun with these things this weekend and that they help you enjoy the magic of the season!

Merry Christmas and Happy Everything to you and your family!

:) Heather

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