Know Your Vacuum Cleaners Before You Buy

Are you in the market for a new vacuum cleaner? Perhaps your hand-me-down has finally bit the dust or you’ve just moved into your first home. No matter what the reason, buying a new vacuum isn’t something that you should skimp on. If you spend $40 on your vacuum, you can be sure that you’ll be buying a replacement in just a few short months. By researching the different machines available, and knowing what type will best meet your needs, the money that you spend will be well worth it.


According to Consumer Reports, upright vacuums are the most popular style thanks to their wide cleaning swath and relatively low cost. Uprights can be found with and without bags, with and without HEPA filters and have a variety of on-board attachments. Upright vacuums are the perfect choice for homes with carpeting. Look for a vacuum that has an adjustable pile setting, is light enough to push, pull and maneuver properly and is within your budget. It’s not uncommon to find uprights ranging in price from $100 to $600.


Canister vacuums are familiar to most adults: they’re the vacuums grandparents used to drag around the house. If your home has multiple levels, a canister vacuum may be your best choice. The long hose on a canister vacuum negates the necessity to lift and pull an upright up and down your staircases. Canister vacuums are normally quieter than their upright siblings, easier to maneuver and more adept at cleaning draperies, bare floors and under furniture.

3.Broom or Stick

If your home is small and comprised of hard flooring, a stick vacuum may be all that you need to clean your floors properly. Stick vacuums are often much more economically priced than other types of vacuum cleaners are lighter and many are battery operated. These vacuums are fantastic for cleaning up small spills and are a great choice for those living in small spaces. You should know, however, that these stick vacuums are nowhere near as powerful as upright and canister vacs and shouldn’t be considered replacements.


Chances are that you’ve seen these small, disc-shaped robotic vacuums on television advertisements and in sales circulars. The advertisements show people turning these small vacuums on, letting them run and virtually forgetting about them. While these cleaners are great for hard floors, they unfortunately don’t work as replacements for traditional vacuums. They tend to skip edges and corners and need to be emptied frequently.


Central vacuums don’t make sense for all but the largest homes. These vacuums are comprised of one large unit with pipes running through your walls. Instead of dragging a vacuum with you from room to room, you carry a hose, plug it into the wall port and clean our floors. These vacuums are expensive but can make cleaning very easy if you have a home with multiple levels and multiple rooms.

Before you spend the money on a vacuum cleaner, you should know the type that will best meet your needs. While a stick vacuum may work for an apartment dweller, someone in a mansion would be better served by a central vacuum. The size of your home and the type of flooring that you have should be taken into consideration when purchasing your vacuum. When you shop smart, you’ll be sure to make a purchase that will serve you for years to come.

Trisha Tate writes for several air quality sites and recommends the Nilfisk vacuum or the Nilfisk GM80CR for efficient carpet cleaning.

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