Last Minute Holiday Shopping: In Store Pick Up with Cash Back

Today marks the end of our last minute shopping posts and we’re going out with a big cash-back bang! This blog contains cash back shopping tips and 15 popular stores that will allow you to do your shopping online, earn cash back, and pick up your purchase in the store.

Cash Back Quandary

Cash back comes with rules and a case of you don’t know what you don’t know unfortunately equals not getting the cash back you think you should be getting.

Most stores do not offer in-store pick up with cash back. It’s one of the most common reasons someone may not qualify for cash back on their purchase.

If a store offers cash back on in-store pick up it will be listed in the Terms and Conditions for that store. It will say something like, “Cash Back available for buy-online / pick up in-store purchases, as well as buy-online / ship to your address orders.”

If it doesn’t say anything, assume that cash back will not play nicely with in-store pick up.

Another common trouble spot with in-store pick up and cash back is when someone decides to change their order when they pick it up in the store. Changing your order in any way will void out the cash back. This could be as simple as adding a pack of gum to the order. Make sure that anything extra you purchase at the time of doing an in-store pick up is part of a separate transaction.

I hope these tips help you by clarifying how to shop online and pick up in the store so you receive the cash back you have coming to you.

The list of 15 stores that offer in-store pick up is below.

Enjoy & happy shopping!

:) Heather

Stores that Combine Cash Back and In-Store Pick Up

Apple Store:

Advance Auto Parts:


Best Buy:

The Container Store:

The Home Depot:




Lumber Liquidators:



The North Face:



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