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laughing at wallstreet

Wow, am I excited to share this all with you today! I know I promised this to you all Monday, but with all the traveling and networking I hadn’t had time to finish the book, Laughing at Wall Street by Chris Camillo until this morning.

Let me start off by saying that I’m not a money guru. In fact I’m a money newbie. And even though I have learned so much since starting this journey at FatWallet, now have an emergency fund (for the first time in my adult life) and have paid off a several thousands of dollars of debt since this past June, I still feel insecure when it comes to money, especially when it comes to investing.

Watching my parents lose a healthy chunk of their retirement, and seeing my husband’s 401K losing money due to the stock market roller coaster we’ve been on, investing feels like I’d have to have some kind of mystical powers in order to be successful. And if the majority of investors don’t have the gift, why would I?

You will feel empowered after reading Laughing at Wall Street

But after reading Laughing at Wall Street, I feel completely different. I am inspired and feel empowered to start building my “big money fund” by using found money I can save by shopping with coupons and here on FatWallet, so I can invest in trends I see.

I love that you don’t have to have a big chunk of money to get started, you just have to learn to look at the world a little differently. For example, a 50 cent coupon on your toothpaste, if invested using the Laughing at Wall Street methods, could be worth $50. And those jeans your daughter wants desperately because “everyone else is wearing them,” could be an opportunity to triple your investment.

Learn how to spot money making investements before Wall Street investors do:

In the book, Chris Camillo shares his methodology for identifying trends in real life, analyzing them, and investing in them, before Wall Street even had a clue. He teaches how to identify the next big thing, through your daily networking on facebook, in the carpool line and by reading the tabloids.

In Laughing at Wall Street, Chris shows readers a formula for using their circle of influence online and offline and some gorilla research tactics to assess the viability of potential investments that gives amateur investors an edge over the financial reports that most investors use.

Interview with Chris Camillo

I snagged Chris at the Blog World convention center for a quick, on the spot interview. I apologize for the background noise and the lighting, but it is packed full of great information you’re going to love.

Win a copy of Laughing at Wall Street

I was able to get three extra Laughing at Wall Street books from Chris, to give away to three lucky winners here on FatWallet.

Here’s what you have to do to get one:

In the comments below this blog post, share what you loved most about Chris Camillo’s message in the video! You may only enter once. One winner will be drawn randomly on Monday, November 14th at 11:00am (Eastern) from the eligible entries (blog comments) received before 11:00 a.m. ET/10:00 a.m. CT, November 14, 2011.

Please review the official rules for this giveaway.

Share your thoughts about the video in the comments below and please forward this post on to your friends!

Update 11/14/11

Congratulations Winners:

VentureScout, ransan, and barbmcw!

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