Let Visa Take You to the Movies for Half Price

Fandango Movie DiscountIt’s Friday! So cue the music, relax and have some fun. But, if you’re trying to save money, the options can feel pretty limited sometimes. Here are some cheaper options for movie night without pajamas, a distracting pile of laundry and that Netflix pick (that you really don’t feel like watching.)

Two Fantastic Fandango Movie Discount Tips

If you are a Visa Signature cardholder, it’s Fandango Friday. Plus, that’s just fun to say! Buy one movie ticket and get one free, but remember that tickets must be purchased and used on the same Friday.

If you are Visa-less or closed that account you opened on campus for a free tee, check out Fandango and find other great offers plus get 3.75% cash back on qualified purchases.

Because movies have gotten expensive, it’s also wise to smuggle in drinks and snacks. If you’re interested, I have some excellent tips. And, if you’re like me, every dollar helps, and I don’t mind making five trips to refill that bottomless bag of popcorn and ask for the thirty second recap.

So check for special offers and cash back, and go check out those fun summer flicks. Enjoy the magic of the movies, and I don’t mean the vanishing act from your wallet.

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