Let’s Go Green with Eco Friendly & Recycling Tips from the FatWallet Blog!

Earth Day Tips to Live Green

FatWallet doesn’t just bring you “green” because of the cash back savings you can earn!

We’re pretty passionate around here, at FatWallet Headquarters, about making wise choices when it comes to the environment and our health! We do what we can, from the lunch table chat about what we shouldn’t put on our skin, to the eco friendly cleaners we use and the recycling we collect every day.

Our guest bloggers and staff have done their part to spread the word about ways to go green too!

Here’s a quick round-up of the Eco-Friendly, Green Living, and Recycling tips that have been shared on the FatWallet blog.


:) Heather



earth day companies

Green & Clean: Making Your Own Earth-Friendly Cleaners

earth day image



You Don’t Have to Work Hard to Be Green

earth day



A Roundup of Fun, Smart Ideas for DIY Outdoor Rugs

DIY outdoor rugs



Eat Healthy While  Saving Money

Eat Healthy Save Money



Five Ways to Save Money on Your Gas

Save Money on Gas



Clever Unconventional Uses for Everyday Products

Clever Uses for Everyday Products



Are Cloth Diapers Really Worth the Money I’ll Save?

Cloth Diapers



Home Grown: Planning a Garden to Save Money

planning a garden


12 Unbelievable Recycled Planters: Creative Container Gardening Ideas

planters for container gardens


How To Save Money By Going Green

Save Money Going Green


Cost Conscious Consumer’s Guide to Shopping Organic

how to shop organic and not break the bank



5 No-Brainers to Live a Little Greener

Think Green: Live Greener



Generate Less Waste, Save Money and the Planet

Ways to Live Greener



10 Simple Ways to Save Cash While Saving The Enviroment

Save Cash and the Environment



Consider the Costs of Your Waste, then Consider Composting

Composting Tips

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