List of Online Pumpkin Carving Contests

pumpkinAre you the type that spend hours digging the guts and slime out of a gourd-like squash and creatively carve it’s flesh into a jack o’lantern? 

Do you take pride into cutting more than just grade-school geometric shapes arranged as a face?

Do you take a day off work and spend it scraping away pumpkin flesh to create amazingly wicked art?

Show the world, and win some prizes! 

I’ve gathered some online pumpkin carving contests that you can join and potentially win some cool stuff or even cash!

  1. Volkswagen canada
    Your jacko must be VW themed, but there are still a lot of ways to incorporate the VW logo.
  2. BFads
    Bfads is giving out some gift certificates as well as swag.
  3. Field & Stream
    Field & Stream is giving out several knives and knife related prizes.
  4. This Old House
    A $500 gift card is up for grabs here. Hurry, the deadline for this one is October 29.
  5. Spyderco
    Spyderco beanies are the prize.
  6. Gamespot
    Gamespot is giving out swag as their prizes. 
  7. Plush little baby
    $100 gift card to toys’r’us. Your entry must be ‘baby’ related. It’s unclear if a zombie baby would suffice.
  8. Shattered Art
    This one ends early Oct 29th.
  9. Stunt Ride
    Win a solar powered bluetooth music player and other bike accessories.
  10. geauga news
    Win a $25 Mangia Mangia Gift Card
  11. buffalo exchange
    Buffalo Exchange’s drawing is random, so even if your jacko sucks – enter it.
  12. Bob Vila
    Will you be named “Bob Vila’s King or Queen of Carving?”
  13. VM Innovations
    You could win a snow blower!
  14. Knife Depot
    The prize knives look really cool!
  15. megadeth
  16. blizzard
    Enter your Blizzard-themed jack-o’-lantern for a chance to win a World of Warcraft Monopoly Collectors Edition.
  17. reddit
    It looks like redditers take this pretty seriously – which is a bit unexpected. Win a $100 Gift Voucher from!
  18. extreme pumpkins
    Take a picture of your pumpkin carving creation this year to submit to next year’s contest. Winners are picked around October 1st. Prizes don’t sound like much, but looks like a fun contest. 
  19. Anime News Network
    A lot of really cool anime dvd and bluray prizes here!!
  20. Leaky Cauldron
    This one is unfortunately over already :(

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