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Use your kitchen remodel to get a modern kitchen!Kitchen technology has changed the way people cook. The technology today can make even the most amateur cooks feel like top chefs. If your old oven is held closed with a bungee cord (shout out to my parents!), this post will surely make you want to get the latest technology with your kitchen remodeling.

We’re not talking far off future here. This cutting edge technology is in stores and able to purchased today. If having a small budget is a concern, you can always settle for technology with fewer frills, but still a big step forward. Either way, take your kitchen to the next level, and earn cash back while doing so. Don’t forget about the money you can save on your bills with the greater efficiency that today’s technology offers!

Happy shopping!


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You’ve got your choice of doors — French door, side-by-side, top freezer, bottom freezer, freezerless…But now there’s something that brings even more technology to your refrigerator door: The Internet!Samsung’s Wi-Fi Enabled Fridge provides you with a variety of apps that can make your refrigerator even more useful to you. Check the weather, news or your calendar, play music, display photos, notes, or recipes, and even update Twitter!

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Electric Range & Oven

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Samsung’s Electric Range with Flex Duo Oven
This oven comes with a convection system to ensure even heating, a built in temperature probe to check if meat is cooked properly, 5 cooktop burners, and a gliding rack with a ball bearing design for added ease.What’s most convenient is the fact that the oven can be split into two using a Smart Divider. Different temperatures can be controlled and no aromas will be passed. While some ovens will have separate ovens, being able to remove the divider allows for a bigger cooking space when necessary.

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Gas Range & Oven

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A 5.4 cu. ft. oven and 3 oven racks provides you with room to cook. The cooktop has 5 burners with continuous grates to easily move around the surface. The Power Boil burners quickly heats water and precise simmer burners prevent burning. The convection oven offers air circulated to provide temperatures that are even throughout.Shop Best Buy’s selection of Gas Ranges with 1.5% Cash Back!

Dual Fuel Range & Oven

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Like the quickness and control gas burners offer and the even convection heating from electric ovens? Enjoy the benefits of both with a dual fuel oven range that has a combination!Shop Home Depot’s selection of Dual Fuel Ranges with 2% Cash Back!


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Samsung’s dishwasher has more jets boasting more power and targeted washing to ensure your dishes get completely cleaned the first time. The dishwasher utilizes space more efficiently and offers more ways to fit all your dishes in with an adjustable top rack and a bendable, removable flat rack for your silverware.Shop Lowe’s selection of Dishwashers with up to 2.25% Cash Back!

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