Master List for Back to School Shopping Cheat Sheets

You’ve got a lot of missions to accomplish for back to school and a lot of things you need to buy. Between paying for textbooks, fees, tuition, school supplies, laptops, clothes, shoes, and all the other things we need, back-to-school shopping can really add up if you’re not shopping smart.

FatWallet’s annual Back-to-School Deals promotion features deals and coupons and increased Cash Back to help you save on all these necessities. We’ve also created some comprehensive shopping guides, tip sheets and deal round-ups sharing more potential discounts to help you save even more money on your back-to-school shopping.

  • Student Discount Cheat Sheet: Find dozens of stores featuring additional discounts (w/school ID) and cash back on computers, laptops, tablets, software, clothing and much more.

  • Teacher Discount Cheat Sheet: This guide features additional discounts (w/school ID) on classroom needs and offers a comprehensive list of stores offering cash back on other shopping items pertinent to teacher’s necessities.
  • Ultimate Laptop Buying Guide: This guide to buying and choosing your next laptop or notebook will explain all the jargon you need to care about and help you determine the specs and type of computer you really need!
  • Student Laptop Buying Guide: The computer is an essential learning tool for all of us and laptops have become the ultimate learning tool for students offering the most power and convenience in one small package. This tip sheet will help you save a bundle on your next student laptop purchase.
  • FatWallet’s Expert Picks for Best Laptop Deals: This page offers some of the best pricing on laptops all year round, especially during back-to-school and the holiday shopping seasons.
  • Tips to Save on Textbooks: Six useful tips and tricks on how to save hundreds every semester on your textbooks.
  • Smart Backpacks for Back to School Shopping: Useful information regarding backpacks.

    Stay tuned to this master list for more cheat sheets and deal roundups for essential school items like textbooks, jeans, shoes, laptops and more.

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