Maximizing eBay Savings with FatWallet Cash Back


Are you a power seller/shopper looking for extra ways to save?

Don’t miss out! FatWallet has smart shopping resources to help you save each time you shop featuring “exclusive” Cash Back on your eBay purchases, and from other low-price leaders like Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, Rakuten and more than 1500 other stores.

In order to help our members get the most out of eBay Cash Back, we have compiled this list of money saving tips and resources to help eBay shoppers and online resellers cash in! Special thanks to ScanPower, the online buyer/seller tool for managing pricing. Download this guide (PDF).

Cash Back:

  • Cash Back is offered at a rate of 1% of the purchase amount, which is an exclusive savings that you can find only at FatWallet.
  • Let the savings begin on the eBay coupon page. Here you will find everything eBay, including daily offers & promotions direct from eBay, hot eBay deals from our forums, and best-of-the-web eBay deals that have been hand selected by our staff of deal hunting experts.
  • If you already know what you’re looking for, or simply don’t need our help finding it, you can head right over to the eBay home page using this Cash Back tracking link to start your Cash Back shopping right away. Just be sure you are signed up and logged in to FatWallet first, because we will need to know who to pay when your Cash Back becomes available.

Knowing What to Buy:

  • Collectible items with intrinsic value, such as coins and bullion, are extremely popular right now. As gold and silver are becoming more sought after, great daily deals can be made even sweeter by leveraging all of the available rewards programs as outlined in this guide.
  • The FatWallet Hot Deals Forum showcases the best offers combined with rebates, coupons, price matching, and coupon stacking. You may choose to filter the hot deals down to just the eBay deals to see how our community of savvy shoppers has rated each deal & discover valuable information that our members have added to help with your purchase decision.
  • FatWallet Best Deals is populated 24 hours a day with an eclectic mix of deals on a variety of products from a variety of stores. All offers in Best Deals have been discovered, researched, and vetted by our expert staff of deal hunters and editors to be the best on the web, so you can shop with confidence knowing that we have done the homework for you.

Information for eBay Sellers:

  • The Online Auction Forum can provide references and tips for veterans and inexperienced sellers alike to enhance the overall eBay experience. eBay buyers and sellers are available to answer questions and offer advice. This forum contains a wealth of information about all auction related issues, including transactions and shipping as well as buyer and seller protection.
  • If you are a reseller, think of the increased profits when you stack Cash Back with multiple rewards on top of already low pricing. You have at least until March 31, 2014 to take advantage of this exclusive Cash Back offer to update your inventory and attract new customers using the exact same incentives that we have just described.

eBay Bucks:

  • In addition to Cash Back, your order may also allow you to earn eBay Bucks.
  • eBay Bucks is a rewards program that lets you earn eBay Bucks on qualifying purchases. Your eBay Bucks can then be used as discounts on future eBay purchases. There are no fees to sign up, and no fees to earn and use eBay Bucks. You can learn more about eBay Bucks rewards program here.
  • Certain days may see eBay running promotions based on eBay bucks, so keep an eye out for double or even triple eBay Bucks offers & make purchases on those days in order to receive maximum rewards.

Credit Card Rewards:

  • Beyond capitalizing on Cash Back and eBay Bucks, you can also utilize credit card rewards programs to earn points or miles for each dollar you spend.
  • Resources are plentiful in determining which card will be the most beneficial to you based on your spending habits and needs. Check out the FatWallet Finance Forum to find active credit card offers along with tips, tricks, and suggestions on how to save money for everyone from budgeting beginners to the most educated economic experts.
  • Don’t want to leave your research in someone else’s hands? is an excellent resource for finding current credit card offers and comparing their rewards and interest rates.

Those inexperienced with deal hunting and forum communities may find our forums can be a bit confusing or even intimidating at first, but not to worry. We have a comprehensive list of FAQs, including an acronyms list to help you familiarize yourself with the terminology used by more avid deal hunters. For the best possible forum experience, you can customize your searches to include only items you wish to view and exclude the products and stores that don’t interest you. You also have the option to set up alerts to let you know when special deals can be found on specific items or merchants.

Whether you’re a reseller looking to stock up, or a consumer looking for anything from computers to collectibles, to a replacement for one of your favorite childhood toys, or anything in between; take advantage of our limited time Cash Back offer & let FatWallet turn your experience into an eBay playground or even a successful side business.

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