Meaning of 20 Rose Colors: Everything You Need to Know this Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Flowers


Roses come in many different shades and each color has a specific meaning that helps to convey our different thoughts and emotions. At times, words might escape us and we can’t quite get out what we want to say. For hundreds of years people have given roses and flowers as a sign of love, joy, bereavement, and as a way to congratulate someone. The color of the rose can express just what you want to say even when you haven’t said a word. Flowers speak to us and to our inner soul in a way that is sometimes hard to explain. This Valentine’s Day, send the rose that says what is in your heart.

Different shades of in the same color mean different things when it comes to roses. A dark red rose has a different meaning than a regular red one. Here are 20 rose colors and their meanings to help you navigate this Valentine’s Day so you can say with roses what is in your heart and mind.

The Meaning of Rose Colors

  1. Red Roses: If you want to say ‘I Love You’ then you should give red roses. Nothing symbolizes love quite like a red rose does which are often called the lover’s rose. Not only do red roses symbolize saying ‘I Love You’ but they also show commitment and undying love. A red rose is used to show courage and respect, especially for fallen soldiers.
  2. Dark Red Rose: This rose symbolizes rare, awestruck beauty.
  3. Pink Roses: Used to express grace, dignity, and happiness. A pink rose is feminine and refined and is also a symbol of admiration. Often times pink roses are sent at the beginning of new relationships to show the promise of a new love adventure.
  4. Dark Pink Roses: If you want to express appreciation, gratitude, or to say thank you, send dark pink roses.
  5. Light Pink Roses: This shade of pink shows both grace and elegance, plus admiration for beauty and refinement, and even sweetness.
  6. White Roses: The White Rose represents purity and innocence, and to say – I am worthy of you. White roses are given to mothers or the matriarch of the family to show respect.
  7. Red and White Roses: Given together, these signify unity.
  8. Cream Roses: The cream rose is used most often in weddings and symbolizes young love.
  9. Orange Roses: Show that special someone that they are desired and you are excited to see them by sending Orange Roses. These flowers show that they are wanted, desired, and that your passion runs deep for them. This fiery rose is all about showing that emotional, passionate side.
  10. Coral Roses: Desire – pure wanting of that other person.
  11. Yellow Roses: One of the best sentiments to show friendship, happiness, and the promise of a new beginning. They are also the most sent color of roses to funerals and memorials to say – remember me. They are also sent most often to hospitals as a way a token of wishing the person to get well.
  12. Yellow with Red Tip: These flowers mean friendship and falling in love.
  13. Gold Roses: These roses mean friendship and that you care. They can also mean the promise of a new beginning, happiness, delight and welcome back.
  14. Red and Yellow Roses: Given together, these signify happy feelings
  15. Lavender Roses: Send these to that special someone you fall in love at first site with and are in a state of pure enchantment. They are very romantic and a very rare rose meant for that special person who you can’t get out of your mind.
  16. Purple Roses: These beautiful roses mean enchantment and magnetism, opulence and majesty
  17. Peach Roses: Show gratitude and simplicity and are the perfect way to say thank you.
  18. Pale Peach Roses: Modesty.
  19. Black Roses: Death and farewell are said when given black roses. These are not natural in nature and must be dyed to get that color.
  20. Blue Roses: These are the unattainable, or impossible love.

With all these different meanings and definitions of rose colors, they is bound to be the perfect rose to show that special someone just how you feel. If you are crazy passionate about her, let her know with orange roses. Are you totally enchanting with her and can’t get her off your mind? Then lavender roses will show her that you feel she is unique and special. If you are sending roses to your mother, choose white as they are reserved for the Matriarch of the family. Daddy’s Little Girl would love light pink roses sent to her school to show her how special she is to you.


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