Member’s Tips on How to Get the Best Out of FatWallet

Today’s guest blogger has been one of our appreciated FatWallet Twitter retweeters, sharing our deals with her audience for a long, long time. To thank her for her faithful help in spreading the FatWallet message, I connected with her by email. Once I heard her FatWallet story I was blown away!

    “…I retweet because I LOVE the site. When I was out of work I would feel so bad not being to do things for my son, buy him things for his birthday, or even do anything for me. I felt so much like a looser. One day I typed in where to get coupons for things and to learn about freebies, FatWallet kept popping up. I was amazed at all the information. So I am now a FatWallet advocate. I talk about it ALL the time to anyone about saving money and the great articles. Even though I am working now I still utilize the site at least 4 times a week.”

I asked her how she used the site and she offered to write a guest post for us! It’s my pleasure to share it with you, and I hope that it helps you get the most out of your FatWallet membership!

If you have an inspiring FatWallet story of your own, be it life changing like Jessica’s or just a jaw-dropping deal for the brag book, please email it to me at heather.stephens at! I’d love to highlight your story it in a future blog post.

It’s hearing stories like Jessica’s that make doing what we do, so rewarding!

:) Heather

1. FatWallet Members

In this day and age who does not love a great deal on ANYTHING! FatWallet has great discounts posted everyday on various products. One of the biggest benefits of FatWallet are its members. These jewels of humanity have one of the greatest virtues in common, they are aficionados of bargain and they are not to be ignored in the pursuit of a great deal. FatWallet members can also give great knowledge on everyday things. Just take a stroll over to the finance section of the forums and you will find many “Untapped Warren Buffets” as I like to call them.

2. Plan

I know this is something every person who writes a savings column says but there’s a reason for this, IT’S TRUE! If you do not have a game plan even for trying to find the best deal on sheets, if you haven’t done any planning you are doomed to fail. Research the price on what you for and scour the FatWallet site for any and all information you can find on it. Even if you do not find a coupon or get cash back on the item instantly you can always find a savvy FatWallet member looking to help you out on anything. All you gotta do is ask. Also, beware of deals that hold no value to you, if you have to buy 5 things you do not use for the 1 thing you do it is just not worth it. Savings is the end game here let’s make sure we are being smart while keeping the prize in mind.

3. Set Up Alerts

Say you are looking for something specific but would rather wait before fully committing or you would just like to see what you can find on the item without searching first hand. FatWallet has helpful convenient topic alerts that can be setup to search the site for specific items of your choosing. Just think while you are at work FatWallet is on the job researching the best price or information available on the best mother’s day gift.

4. The Articles

FatWallet has a treasure trove of knowledge on its site by many members who know a good deal when they see it, but it also has some very good facts and tips on saving money on a variety of things. For instance there have many numerous articles on the site on how to save on electricity bill, cable bill, how to research the best schools for your children, even how to get the best price on glasses. The old adage holds true for this site in every sense of the word: “Reading is Fundamental”

5. Do not be skeptical of the FREE!!

I myself am a lover of the Free Stuff section on FatWallet and peruse the postings at least twice a day. FatWallet has an entire section devoted to getting you things you use everyday for FREE. Some of the products maybe samples, while others are retail size, but they are still FREE! This section not only give you the latest and greatest information on Freebies found around the internet but it also has information on how to do free things in your city. Fall in love with the city you picturesque surroundings of your beloved town by taking advantage of the different thing the city has to offer all that won’t cost you a penny but will give you a priceless memory.

Jessica Mosley is a savvy shopper, podcaster, and writer at heart. I have been journaling and writing short stories for own enjoyment since I could hold a crayon. I have always been a creative and uh……let’s just say “unique” person who has never had a problem making my voice heard on ANYTHING. A few words to describe me would be: tomboy chic, silver tongued, quick-witted, moxie, funny, determined, indelible beautiful rare flower. I am a LOVER of all the arts, (music especially) knowledge, history, comics, computers, cars, sports, animals, fashion, and useless information are just some of my loves. I enjoy having podcasting my friends on SayWHA Radio, but beware the show is not PG, for kids, or for the faint of heart. We will make you laugh till it hurts as we spek the uncensored truth on the issues within the world.

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