Mitten Tree Day (December 6th)

If you do a search around the internet for obscure holidays, you’ll find Mitten Tree Day listed for December 6th.

The information you’ll find goes something like this: “Cute name, have kids hang mittens on a paper tree, because it’s Mitten Tree Day!”

That’s really nice for people who like to tweet holiday trivia or need some completely random tradition to participate in, but I was looking for a little more.

As usual, I just made something up that sounded reasonable.

The Mitten Tree is a book by Candace Christiansen about a lady who sews mittens for kids who don’t have them. She leaves them on a tree and donates them anonymously to those in need until she runs out of yarn, putting her in a bit of a predicament.

Since nobody has come forward with an answer that has reached the first page of Google results, I will declare this book the reason for the holiday.

If you’ve got the energy to refute my claims, save yourself the trouble and direct your focus on something positive, like hanging mittens on somebody’s tree or dropping something you don’t need off at a charitable donation center.

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