Mom Knows Best!

PetiteBox would like to give all of you beautiful mothers a few reminders that will boost your confidence about your natural parenting skills.

Focus on your successes. Don’t forget how far you’ve come since maternity and how much you’ve learned about your baby (and yourself) by now. Concentrate on your successes along the way. When something goes well, like a home-made meal your baby loved, remember to praise yourself – you deserve it!

Trust your instincts. This is your baby, after all. As a parent, you know your little one better than anyone else, so you probably already know what’s best!

Ask around. Sometimes, other parents, or even your doctor, may have a tip or two that will make all the difference. Time can make a real difference with each day adding more experiences to your parenting knowledge bank.

Have a friendly chat. It’s always helpful to share your experiences with someone else. Talking to a sympathetic friend can put a lot of things in perspective. You can join an online forum or meet with a mommy group in your city to discuss your everyday life, baby products, and pediatricians with a larger but still local community.

Set realistic goals. Every baby is different and every mom is unique, so it’s important to keep your own pace.

It can be hard to adjust, but remember, no one turns into Supermom overnight. So set yourself realistic goals and try not to compare yourself to anyone else.

Guest post written by the petiteBox Mom & Baby Experts

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