Money Saving Travel Tip for BlogHer and Other Conference Attendees

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I just arrived in New York City yesterday for a blogging conference called BlogHer. (Thank you FatWallet!) My mission is to connect with other bloggers, learn about what they do, and teach them about FatWallet!

Wanting to stick to a budget with my travel expenditures while making the most of every opportunity to explore the big city, I’ve been on the lookout for inexpensive things I can squeeze into my crammed schedule of meetings.

I learned a big money-saving tip last night! Connect with locals who are attending the same conference you are, and let them guide your evening!

While I was at a wine tasting tweet-up last night, I met a couple of ladies who are from NYC, and are attending the conference. They invited me to go to dinner with them at Grand Central Station after the event. Having never been there, I said sure, planning on ordering a salad or soup to stick to my budget.

We walked there and entered through the Grand Central Market, where I got the run-down on the best of the best in the market, tasting samples of delicious things along the way.

My favorite, Truffle Tremmor cheese, OMG! Yes I’m writing OMG on the FatWallet blog because this cheese is so deserving of it and while it definitely won’t win the frugal Fromage (cheese) award at $28.99/lb, the flavor is amazing! If you ever get a chance to try it, you should!

After my “appetizer” of free samples, we walked into Grand Central Station. I was so humbled standing there inside the beautiful building thinking of all the people who have walked through that central hall, wondering what the story of their life was, where they came from and where they were going. There was an energy about the place that filled me, even though I was running on 2 hours of sleep and having been traveling since 3:30 that morning.

We ate at Michael Jordan’s restaurant upstairs. Lucky me, it’s Restaurant Week in NYC so what would have normally been a $70+ dinner, I got to eat for $34.99! The view from our table was beautiful!

So in the end, I spent $46.11 for my dinner, drink, entertainment, and sight-seeing adventure. Plus I made some new friends who I’m excited to get to know better! Maybe I’ll get the opportunity to show them around Beloit WI, if they’re ever in the area! Ha! Ha!

I’m off for a bus tour in a few minutes with free tickets from a friend I met at BlogHer last year. I’ll let you know how it goes! Also, please stop by our booth, 136-J, in the expo hall if any attendees have time. I’d love to meet everyone!

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