Monthly Coupon Clean up

It’s the start of a new month! Here are a few things I do at the beginning of each month to help others and to keep myself organized too.

Get rid of expired coupons

Sunday while I was flipping television channels between my favorite baseball team (the Brewers!) and my favorite football team (the Packers!), I also spent time organizing my coupon binder. Since it’s the beginning of the month, I purged all my expired coupons from September (and a few I missed from August). This way I know exactly what I have left to work with this month. I also made room for all the new coupons I clipped Sunday. I think there were 7 inserts in my Tribune this week!!

Help out the military

Instead of tossing your expired coupons into the recycling bin, a great thing to do with your expired coupons is to forward them onto our military families. All the information you need to do this can be found on this website.

New coupons available

The beginning of each month also means new coupons are available on line. Many sites like restock their coupons on the first of each month. Like I’ve mentioned before, I usually go through each of the sites that I mentioned in my “Tips to Finding Grocery Coupons Online” to see if there are any rare coupons or coupons I know I will use.

Bargain Buys

There are ok deals on Halloween candy this week at Walgreens and CVS. I would expect similar sales to continue until Halloween. I went ahead and bought some bags; so that I don’t go and spend $50 on Halloween candy all on one trip (we live in a very high traffic trick or treat area). Walgreens also has 50 cent Nivea Lip care (10-2 RP), 75 cent Secret deodorant (10-2 P & G), and Cottonelle toilet paper for as low as $2.50 (I thought that was a good deal, but other blogs I read didn’t have it listed). CVS is running Extra Care Bucks promos on P & G products. They also have cheap select Dove products. Remember Walgreens, CVS, and Target deals are good through this Saturday.

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