More Ways to Locate Coupons

Still looking for more coupons? Here are a few more tips on places to find great deals!

Subscribe to All You

Visit your local Walmart and buy the All You magazine. Each month this magazine is packed full of additional coupons, and it also is a good magazine to read! Check out this subscription to get your issue for just $1.69 plus 30 cents per issue shipping. I would also recommend searching online to get an even better deal if you can!

”Like” Facebook

If you have a Facebook account, like” specific companies or products. They may have coupons you can print on your computer. Sometimes they’ll also mail you coupons or offers directly to your home.

Check out product websites

If you still can’t find a coupon that you’re looking for, try going to the product’s website directly. Some sites like Hormel and Campbell’s Kitchen have coupons you can print from their site. If there are no coupons available, an email or call to the company can also be helpful. Simply tell them how much you like their product, and see what they might be able to do for you.

FatWallet tip: This post is part of an ongoing series of posts for the couponers and those who wanna be couponers! You may access all the posts on Shannen’s author page. Please be sure to check out the grocery coupons and deals forum here on FatWallet to get great deals and connect with other couponers!

FatWallet tip #2: There’s a link to purchase the All You magazine on FatWallet which will currently save you between $0.80-$1.20 on your subscription.

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