Most Americans Say They Take Vacations [SURVEY]

Leisure vs. Money vs. Workaholics…”17% never go on vacations”

Summer Travel DealsFatWallet 2014 Vacation Spending Survey:

The new survey (*TNS Global) reveals 83% stated they do go on vacations (93% for those who +$75k/year) and 59% said they go on vacations every year, with 27% that go on multiple vacations yearly (less than 21% for those ages 40-49). Still, 17% said they “never” go on vacation and those numbers increase to +21% ages 40-49 and +35% for those who earn less than $30k/year. See INFOGRAPHIC.

Other interesting vacation spending trends report nearly half planning to spend more than $1,500, and 13% more than $3,000. (A survey from American Express last year forecast an average spend of $1,145 in 2013.) The majority will book online from +100 stores offering travel deals with cash back.

Full survey results:


83% of Americans say they plan to go on vacations, 59% go every year!

Q: How often do you go on vacation?

  • 32% More than once a year
  • 27% Once a year
  • 6% Every other year
  • 18% Every few years
  • 17% said Never

Note: Those w/no children go on multi-vacations 50% more often than those w/children.

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Special thank you to Kelli Grant from CNBC. See full story on


They said it was awesome!

Q: Which resource are you most likely to use to find vacation and travel information/advice?

  • 46% Friends and Family
  • 8% Travel Forums
  • 7% Travel magazines
  • 5% Tourist Boards
  • 34% Other

Note: Of those age 30 and under, 63% said they rely on family and friends for their vacation information.


Git ‘er done…More than half book vacations early.

Q: How far in advance will you book your next vacation?

  • 2% book at the last minute
  • 15% book less than 1 month ahead
  • 48% book 1-6 months ahead
  • 11% book more than 6 months aheade
  • 24% have no plans to book a vacation

Note: 93% go on vacations who earn >$75k/year and of those, 75% plan to or have already booked a vacation for this year.


The cost to get out of town?

Q: How much do you plan to spend on your next vacation?

  • 54% will spend less than $1,500
  • 33% will spend $1,501-$3,000
  • 13% will spend more than $3,00

Note: 71% of those who earn under $30k/year will spend less than $1500 on their next vacation while 20% who earn more than $75k/year will spend more than $3000.


Total domestic leisure travel spending is forecast +$1.6 Billion in 2014. (US Travel Association)


Freebies are good!

Q: Of the following hotel amenities, which are important to you?

  • 72% Free WiFi
  • 67% Free Breakfast Buffet
  • 66% Free Parking
  • 49% Pool/Spa
  • 19% Fitness Center

Note: 1 in 4 also said Airport Shuttle was important, while only 1 in 10 ranked pet friendly high.


Top ways to book a vacation are?

Q: How will you book your next vacation?

  • 44% will use a travel web site
  • 16% will use a coupon/cash back site

Note: Only 7% noted they use a travel agent and 33% use other booking resources.
Q: Which of these devices will you use to book your next vacation?

  • 83% will book vacations on their laptop (computer)
  • 9% will use their mobile devices (tablet/smartphone)

Note: More than twice as many males use mobile devices to book travel vs. females (6%).
Q: How will you save on booking your next?

  • 42% will look for “special online offers/deals”
  • 31% will use rewards (cash back, miles or points)
  • 7% use credit card offers
  • 20% said they use other resources


US travel e-commerce sales exceeded $100 billion for the first time in 2012. (Comscore)


What do vacationers shop for?

Q: Which are you likely to purchase for use on your next vacation?

  • 58% will buy clothing/shoes
  • 30% will buy health & beauty products
  • 28% will buy swimwear
  • 12% will buy new luggage

Q: Which are you likely to shop for on a vacation?

  • 65% souvenirs
  • 39% clothes
  • 16% clothes
  • 12% “like to stop at the duty free shop”
  • 10% jewelry

Note: 1 in 4 will look for coupons to use on local activities while they’re on vacation.

*The national survey conducted online by TNS on behalf of in March 2013 was fielded among 1,000 adults ages 18 or older, 50/50 male/female.

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