October’s Best Holidays & How to Celebrate Them on a Dime

There are people out there who live like every day is a holiday. Monday through Friday – even in those dull, vacation-free months – they bounce into the office full of vim and vigor. And while we claim to hate their cheery grins and shouts of hallelujah! there is also a part of us that wishes we too could live like it was Christmas in September.

Lucky for you, October is ripe with festivities so you don’t even need to fake your good cheer. Be it Columbus Day or Be Bald Day, it’s time to start celebrating. Here’s how.

Month-Long Celebrations

  1. Adopt a Shelter Dog Month: If you’re in the market for a mongrel, October is certainly your month. Many shelters around the nation have their dogs marked at discount prices – sometimes even for free.
    Go gung-ho for cheap: Adopt more than one! Let your colleagues know your new passion for pooches by decorating your desk with pictures of your new pet(s) and sprinkle your conversations with all the fun antics Snoopy has pulled lately. It’s like you’ve been a dog person all along.
  2. Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Ladies and Gents, don your pink. Dedicate yourself to a month of ribbons and 3-day walks in the name of breast cancer research and prevention. If you’re plum out of pink clothes, head to the thrift store so you won’t be left out.
    Go gung-ho for cheap: Be the designated organizer of your office’s breast cancer research fund. Your planning gets you out of making flamboyant donations, and if you’re embarrassed by your measly $5.00 contribution, no one but you will know.
  3. National Popcorn Popping Month: October is the month to satisfy your salt cravings once and for all. Pop corn smells delicious at the office, and is a surprisingly filling snack.
    Go gung-ho for cheap: Have it for lunch every day. Buy your kernels in bulk at a reduced price.

Week-Long Celebrations

  1. Get Organized Week: It’s Spring Cleaning in October! For the first week of the new month, clean out your desk, dust your computer keyboard, and pledge once more to use that planner your boss gave you as a New Year’s present.
    Go gung-ho for cheap: Use your office’s supplies and clean up on their dime.
  2. Teen Read Week: All around the nation, libraries and schools are banding together to get teens to read during the second week of October. Return to your youthful roots and pick up Twilight, Feed, and the Hunger Games trilogy. It’s your excuse for mindless future fiction – and libraries are free.
    Go gung-ho for cheap: Participate in all your local library’s special events and author visits that will be going on this week. If you’re nervous about your age, pretend you’re chaperoning a younger patron, and follow one around. Conversely, you can dig out your old bell bottoms and try to blend in.

Day-Long Celebrations

  1. October 1st – Vegetarian Day: A whole day without meat. That doesn’t sound so bad, especially when you go to the grocery store and realize that 2 pounds of carrots is way less expensive than 2 pounds of steak. Besides, isn’t quinoa supposedly full of proteins? Who needs meat?
    Go gung-ho for cheap: Like your day-long vegetarian self? Do it for good.
  2. October 3(ish) – Oktoberfest Ends: Your celebration of the end of the beeriest day on earth doesn’t have to be full of fine German pilsners. Go ahead and sip on your Keystone Light. No one’s judging… that much.
    Go gung-ho for cheap: Get the 24 pack.
  3. October 11(ish) – Columbus Day: Commemorate the day America was almost discovered (come on – the Bahamas don’t count). Spend the day reveling at the thought that if Columbus hadn’t found our dear nation, some other guy would have. And then this day would have an entirely different name. Pretty trippy, eh?
    Go gung-ho for cheap: You probably get the day off. Is that not celebration enough?
  4. October 14th – Bald and Free Day: Bald is beautiful, folks. And getting your head shaved is 99.9% cheaper than getting it cut and styled into a trendy coif. Start the celebration early by announcing your bald intentions to the whole office the week before. Maybe they’ll throw a head-shaving party in your favor.
    Go gung-ho for cheap: Shave everything. It’ll be a hoot.
  5. October 17th – Wear Something Gaudy Day: Now that plaids and stripes together are considered fashionable, what are you going to?
    Go gung-ho for cheap: Don’t stop at just something gaudy. It’s all or nothing, full ensemble or bust!
  6. October 25st – Punk for a Day: Pierce your lip with a safety pin, put some glue in your hair, and start a mosh pit in the conference room. It’s a Smiths concert without the Smiths – rock on!
    Go gung-ho for cheap: Those torn up fishnets you just threw away? Grab them out of the trash and put ’em on. One person’s trash is another person’s fashion.
  7. October 31st – Halloween: If you don’t know how to celebrate Halloween at this point, you’re kind of a hopeless cause, I’m afraid.

About the author: Emma Stover is one of those people who finds something to celebrate every day. She is a writer for Vemayca.com, your source for the best little cosmetic bag in the business.

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