Our Resolutions – What “Feels” Right to You?


One more of life’s certainties: People give up on resolutions. You don’t need me to tell you that as we head into 2011, a majority of the blogs, tweets, and updates, across the web, are bloated with resolutions. So why follow suit with this one? A good and wise friend shared a great post with me. It states:

Instead of scolding ourselves for all the things we’re doing wrong and making long to-do lists to stop doing them, we can focus on doing the things that feel right to us.

So when I sent an email out to fellow Walleteers asking them to share their resolutions, it was interesting to see the mix of anti-resolution vs. list-oriented responses. Maybe, there is no right or wrong approach. And maybe, different personality types find personal satisfaction and growth in different types of goals.

Here’s a sample of how Walleteers are marching into the new year.

I’d like to be able to unicycle from my office to the snack counter. No easy task!

don’t do New Year’s resolutions. Instead, if there’s something I decide I really should do/change/start/stop, I just go ahead and take action when the decision hits me. Why procrastinate? 😀

I’ve never made one, and don’t plan on starting.  I just try to make every year better then the one before. :)

Chief Mucky Muck
No resolutions. Why would I wait until a specific day to start a new behavior that I can start today?

To recognize my dreams (acknowledging that I want more out of life) without feeling guilty. Embrace knowing that having dreams does not mean I am not grateful for what I already have.

To spend more time on things that truly matter to me and the people I care about.

– remember/send good wishes for birthdays/events before they happen
– send holiday cards before the holiday, let alone at all
– build a decent site and keep it updated for my webcomic
– visit family more often than in 2010

Haven’t decided which I’m willing to go on record for yet.  😛
– Cure laryngopharyngeal reflux.
– End back/hip pain.
– Weigh more than 150 pounds at less than 11% body fat.
– Take an ‘unplugged’ vacation with my wife.
– Facilitate a Lead Like Jesus study group.
– Attend two Conversion Rate Optimization conferences.
– Zero out a credit card balance.
– Complete a back toe-hold (barefoot water skiing).
– Complete a back-to-front surface turn (barefoot water skiing).
– Paint the living room.
– Finish the basement.

I don’t know. The process of turning the microscope on myself shows plenty I’d like to understand better before I can change. So I guess I’d like to better understand myself so I can keep growing, beyond 2011.

Oh, and I want to empty the dishwasher as soon as it finishes a load.

So how about you? When it comes to change and improving yourself, do you find fulfillment in completing tasks or daily growth that “just feels right”? What kind of resolution do you have this year?

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