Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts Unique to Your Mother! Yes, Yours.

Mother's Day

Flowers, chocolate, and cards are great gifts for mom, but you might be looking something a little different for Mother’s Day 2014.

You’ve probably searched some gift guides, but perhaps your mom doesn’t need another kitchen item (or, like my family, your dad is the cook and your mom will eat cookie dough raw so she doesn’t have to bake it).

Some of those guides may be useless to you if your mom doesn’t necessarily conform to the typical ideal of a crafty, baking mom who loves pretty things. So here are some ideas to get your mom a personalized gift that shows you know her and love her. Adult Children of the World, Unite!


Buy Her TV Show Swag

Odds are your mom watches some type of TV. Whether it’s How I Met Your Mother, PBS, or the History Channel, almost all shows and networks have different products based off of their shows. So why not get her a “Bazinga!” t-shirt if The Big Bang Theory is her favorite show?

Not only can you get something your mom already loves, but it’s probably also something she hasn’t thought to buy herself.

Go Along For The Ride

For this Mother’s Day, do something with your mom she usually does alone. Whether it’s walking around the park with her, getting pedicures together (guys you can get a very “manly” pedicure), watching her amateur roller derby team, going to church or the gym, pick a part of your mom’s life that you usually aren’t a part of, and share it with her.

Watch “Gone With The Wind”

Okay so it doesn’t have to be Gone With The Wind. All I mean by this is your mom probably has a movie or two that no one is ever interested in watching with her. Take one for the team this Mother’s Day, sit down for a couple of hours, and watch whatever it is she wants to watch.

Pro-tip: Don’t complain about it. At the very least, pretend to enjoy it so she can!

Finish a Project

There’s probably something she’s been meaning to get around to for weeks, months, even decades. This might take some brainstorming, but once you figure out what that is, find a way to either complete the project or help it along.

Hobby Helper

Your mom most likely has some type of hobby or craft she’s interested in. Whether it’s playing the piano, gardening, or carpentry, find a gift that concerns her hobby. Pay for her piano to be tuned or buy her new sheets of music. Sign her up for community classes on carpentry, or buy her a magazine subscription concerning gardening.

Tickets to an Event

Here’s the twist: make sure there’s a ticket for you. Spend some quality mother – child time by buying tickets for both of you to some type of event going on. The personalization comes from whether your mom loves sports, operas, theater or monster truck rallies. Think about what she loves to watch and get booking!


Give her a book on a subject she’s interested in. Perhaps your mom is a Civil War buff. Or perhaps she loves books on cats. Or she can’t get enough of the SciFi genre. Whatever it is, giving her a book with a handwritten note in it is sure to be a hit.

A Household Item

I’m not talking about a new vacuum. It shouldn’t be anything extremely practical, because your mom can probably get that herself. I’m thinking Japanese ikebana, a souvenir from a place you traveled, a chess set, a globe, or something funky. Something she can see everyday or say to someone at dinner parties: “Look at what my wonderful adult child got me.”

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