Planning the Ultimate Girls’ Night In

girls' night
A girls’ night out is a lot of fun, but a girls’ night in can be even more enjoyable. The last time you had one might have been a high school slumber party, but they are just as enjoyable as adults. Here are a few ideas for entertaining your friends and enjoying a memorable night from the comfort of your own home.

Delegate Drinks and Food

Hosting any kind of gathering can be a lot of work, but you want this night to focus more on having a great time. Assign your guests different items to bring along with them. A few bottles of wine and some appetizers will help get the party started. When it comes to the main meal, consider ordering in. This will allow you to focus more on the party and less on the kitchen. Remember to assign desserts to a few friends, so you can all satisfy your sweet cravings as the night wears on.

Setting up the Room

When preparing for your evening in with the girls, put some thought into how the gathering space is set up. Have extra pillows and blankets available for your friends to relax and get comfortable. Consider lighting a few candles to create a calm atmosphere. Sprinkle some small tables around the room so your guests will have a place to set their drinks and food. With a little planning, you can set up a fabulous space that your guests will enjoy.

Rent the Classics

You may be looking forward to a good chick flick, but you’re also looking forward to enjoying some great conversations. Rent a few classics from your younger days. When everybody knows that Julia Roberts will get the millionaire in the end, you’ll be able to chat throughout the movie without anyone getting upset.

Share Your Talents

Everybody has a talent, and sharing them with your friends is a serious recipe for success. Discover that your childhood friend can sing the blues like the professionals, or watch your new best pal show off her juggling skills with stuffed animals. You’ll have a blast learning more about each other, and you may discover talents you didn’t know existed.

Entertainment from a Crystal Ball

Set aside a little money and hire a psychic to come out and read fortunes. Whether you choose to have palms read or see what the Tarot holds, you will all have a great time learning more about what your future holds. Light some candles ahead of time to set the mood and get ready to visit the other side with your friends.

It’s All About the Hobbies

If you and your friends share a favorite pastime, then you can dedicate the night to the hobby you all love. Whether you love to scrapbook, enjoy making jewelry or your grip loves knitting, you can gather around to enjoy some great conversation and work on your latest projects. You may not get a lot of work done over all the talking and laughing, but it’s still a great form of entertainment that everyone will enjoy.

A girls’ night in or out is all about the company and having a great time. You want to chat with your friends and enjoy the evening. Plan activities that will allow you to visit with each other and share some great memories throughout the party. Encourage your friends to chip in by having everyone bring something, and consider having the meal delivered to keep things simple. Whether you have a psychic visit to read fortunes or watch the classics, you are sure to enjoy your fabulous girls’ night in.

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