Preparing for the Upcoming School Year Part 2: How to Successfully Run “Mom’s Taxi Service” Without Going Crazy

school yearWe’ve reached the beginning of the end of summer at the Bayless household. Football practice is just around the corner, which also means school is about to start, too. How is this possible when I feel like summer just started? Perhaps, it’s because my days have been spent running “Mom’s taxi” from one summer activity to another instead of relaxing by the pool every afternoon!

At the beginning of the summer, I was so excited because my kids were old enough to participate in activities sponsored by our local park district, school, churches, and library. I signed them up for things and then looked at the calendar later. This proved to be a big mistake as I double booked my boys for activities not once, but twice.

After doing this, I called my aunt, who I knew was the expert at juggling 3 kids activities for almost 20 years now. I asked her how in the world, did she ever manage to get her kids to all their activities on time and not miss a beat? Her tip? Get organized!

I tend to think I’m a pretty organized person (except maybe when it comes to keeping my house in order). I make lists. I write things down so I don’t forget. I keep a date book. I set reminders on my cell phone. Yet still I managed to get my kids double booked for things this summer.

I’ve vowed to myself to get more organized once the school year starts. We’ll literally be running in all directions from 6am until 8pm some days! So here’s what the plans are for the Bayless house:

  • Keep a calendar: Buy a large date book. Or better yet, a big dry erase board calendar. Each person in the family gets their own colored marker to keep track of appointments, practices, swim lessons, school meetings, etc. My husband asks why I don’t just keep everything in our cell phones, but that doesn’t work for me. I’m a visual person. I want to be able to look at my color coded dry erase calendar and know exactly what we have going on for the entire month.
  • Limit activities: We limit our kids’ activities to one per week. My kids are 4 and 6. We really don’t need to be running in circles 24/7 at this age yet.
  • Coordinate with friends: If you have friends with kids in the same activities as yours, see if they are interested in carpooling. This way instead of spending every Tuesday night at flag football practice, maybe you could spend every other Tuesday there.
  • Plan ahead with meals: I try to be very diligent with our weekly menus especially during the school year. Nights when we’re running from one thing to another, I make meals ahead of time so we can eat before we leave or when we get home. Crockpot meals are also one of my favorites. I can put together whatever we’re having for supper before I drop everyone off at school. Then it’s ready to eat either before we have to be at a nightly lesson or when we get home. Running through a drive up every night not only gets expensive, but it’s also not the healthiest option for our family.
  • Take time to breathe: Enjoy those nights sitting in the stands getting bleacher butt watching football games or being up on a Saturday morning before the sun so you can drive your sons to wrestling meets. Your kids are only young once, and before you know it, it will all be over with.

If you need to get organized to get back into the routine of the school year, check out this article from Scholastic for some great tips. I know my household is a lot more relaxed with routines in the summer, and it won’t be long before we are following this tips as well!

In just a few short weeks, I’ll be sending my boys out the door for another school year. I’m determined this year to stay a more organized when it comes driving “Mom’s taxi!”

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