Price Scrimmage Part 3: Aldi vs. Walmart, Target, & Walgreens

Will you shave more money if you grocery shop at Aldi or if you use coupons at Walmart, target, or Walgreens? Today we find out in this part 3 of the Price Scrimmage posts written by our expert coupon blogger, Shannen Bayless.

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It’s an interesting series and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

:) Heather

I have some more price scrimmage numbers to share from Aldi, Walmart, Target, and Walgreens. I made these trips over the last several weeks as well. The items I bought at Target and Walgreens were on sale, and of course the Walmart prices are their every day low prices on items.

Aldi vs. Walmart

I was able to compare more items with Super Walmart prices because we now have Super Walmart in my hometown. I have found myself shopping there a lot more because it’s convenient too. By shopping at Aldi, I saved about $7.00. Not too bad. I will say that I prefer to buy and pay more for certain name brand items such as Miracle Whip, Campbell’s soups, bread, and chicken nuggets for my kids. Even though, they were slightly more expensive (aside from the soup), I don’t mind paying the extra for these things.

Aldi vs. Target

I haven’t done much shopping at Target lately, but when I compared the few items I purchased at Target with items available at Aldi, I spent just a little more at Aldi. My kids will not eat the yogurt tubes from Aldi, so I watch for them to go on sale. Even though the regular price is sometimes higher at Supermarkets, I pay the extra so my kids will eat their yogurt! I also prefer to use either All or Tide laundry detergent, so when I find it on sale I buy it rather than buying the Aldi brand.

Aldi vs. Walgreens

I did just a little shopping at Walgreens. For the most part, Walgreens is priced higher than Aldi, but when items are on sale at Walgreens it is worth your stop (especially when you have coupons and Register Rewards to use).

I am not in any way trying to put down Aldi stores. I do a fair amount of my shopping there, because I do like some of their products, however some items I will shop around to buy name brand. Aldi is also a convenient store for me to shop at. It’s literally about 5 blocks from my home. I buy almost all of my produce at Aldi because it is usually cheaper than supermarkets and supercenters. I plan to do some checking over the next week or to see just how their produce prices compare.

Bargain Buys

Just a few deals out there this week including Keebler crackers, Pantene products, and Kraft macaroni and cheese at Walgreens. At Target, you may find deals on Curel lotion, TGIFridays frozen meals, Rimmel eye shadow, Ziploc bags, and Huggies Diapers. Be sure to also check out FatWallet for your holiday deal shopping!

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