Price Scrimmage Part 4: Comparing Produce

Where can you buy your produce for the least amount of money? Shannen Bayless, our expert coupon blogger shows us in Price Scrimmage Part 4!

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You’re going to love Shannen’s juicy details in the post below!

Happy shopping!

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This week I focused on comparing produce at several stores in my area. I shopped the local grocery store in my town, Sullivans, as well as HyVee and Super Walmart and compared their produce prices with Aldi’s.

Penny-Pinching Produce Shopping Comparison:

Here’s what I found:

HyVee Sullivans Walmart Aldi
fresh mushrooms-8 oz. $2.69 2/$3 $1.98 $1.59
head lettuce $1.69 $1.69 $0.94 $1.09
bag iceberg lettuce $0.99 $1.88 $1.00 $0.99
bananas $0.54/lb $0.58/lb $0.54/lb $0.44/lb
strawberries $3.99 $4.99 $2.98 $2.99
3lb bag apples $4.99 2/$4 $4.47 $3.69
grapes $1.99/lb $2.99/lb $1.78/lb $3.69/ 2lbs
pears $1.48/lb $0.88/lb $1.37/lb $1.99/2lbs
salad kits 4/$5 $2.50 $2.88 $1.99
cauliflower $3.29 $2.99 $2.18 $1.99
3 lbs onions $2.88 $1.49 $2.98 $1.49
Total $29.25 $27.36 $26.25 $21.94

The items highlighted in yellow were items that were on sale this week. The items in orange are produce items that were the same price or cheaper at Aldi.

As I suspected Aldi, definitely “wins” this comparison.

Overall, their produce prices are lower, but when supermarkets run sales, their prices are often lower (like for salad kits, apples, and pears this week). I like to shop at Aldi for a lot of my produce items. One thing I have found is that often their produce is very ripe, so you need to plan to eat it right away or it may not last. I don’t know if this is true of all Aldi stores or not, but if you can shop Wednesdays or Fridays you often get the best produce selection. This is when my store gets their deliveries.

Bargain Buys

Target is giving $5 gift cards back when you buy 2 select Pantene products. They also have deals this week on Triaminic fever medicines, Nivea lip care, & NYC mascara. At Walgreens, their Jingle Cash offers are back again this year. Spend $30 get $5 back, spend $50 get $10 back, spend $75 get $15 back, spend $100 get $10 back. Look for deals on Finesse hair care, Revlon nail polish, Triaminic, Schick razors, and Nivea lip care. CVS also has gift card promotions this week. If you spend $30 on select products, you can get a $10 gift card. Also, when you spend $12 on Glade, Oust, Scrubbing bubbles, or Pledge products, you can earn $4 in Extra Care bucks. Look for “free” candy canes, and bargains on Schick razors and shaving gel, and Triaminic.

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