Product Review: Brook’s Running Shoe from Footsmart

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t love to exercise, I can relate. It was never something I enjoyed, but I’ve been on a mission to lose weight and turned to exercise when the pounds were not coming off watching what I ate. I knew that I needed to force myself to do it so I committed to doing at least one 5K per month in order to keep myself motivated.

I started off my “training,” if you could call it that, by walking at lunch with a friend. I was miserable. My knees and feet hurt every time we walked. I was wearing my old shoes, not putting the connection together that new shoes would make walking more pleasurable and I’d be less prone to injury.

Knowing I was frustrated, when FootSmart reached out to us about a giveaway and product review on FatWallet and my teammate, Ann, suggested I review some running shoes while I train for my first couple of 5K’s.

FootSmart generously asked me which shoes I wanted to review. Not knowing exactly what to buy, I went to a store to window shop and try on a bunch of running shoes to figure out what style of shoe fit best. (Totally an unnecessary step since FootSmart does a great job guiding online shoppers to the best shoes for them.) I have wide feet with a relatively high arch, so my choices were limited. I fell in love with the Brooks Women’s Ghost 6 Running Shoes and went home, with my fingers crossed, hoping that Footsmart carried them.

Sure enough!

FootSmart Carries Top Running Shoe Brands:

…including: Brooks, Saucony, Asics, and New Balance. They also carry several brands of insoles and socks for runners in their running shop.

If you don’t know exactly what you need, the FootSmart website allows you to shop by brand as well as by aliment, suggesting products for you if you deal with high or low arch, or if you have ailments like heel pain or shin splints for instance. Oh and be sure to check out their Healthy Running 101 section for helpful information for beginning runners.

On to the Shoes

Footsmart sent me a pair of Brooks Women’s Ghost 6 Running Shoes. To say I love them is an understatement. These shoes made a huge difference for me in comfort, distance and speed. They have tons of springy cushion in the footbed to minimize impact but they are sturdy enough to offer good support to my arches and feet. The shoe is very flexible and breathes really well. They’re cute too!

Shoe: Brooks Women’s Ghost 6 Running Shoes
Cost: 109.95 at FootSmart
Colors: Pink & Silver or Silver & Aqua
Available in Half Sizes: 6-12 and in normal or wide widths
Foot Types: Diabetic Friendly, Orthotic Friendly, Normal and High Arch

Would I recommend them to a friend?Absolutely! I’ve actually encouraged my husband to get a pair of Brooks after trying mine out for a few weeks and we’ll definitely be shopping through FootSmart on FatWallet for the 6% Cash Back and their frequently offered free shipping codes!

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