Product Review: Tommy John Mens Undershirts

There’s nothing worse than spending your hard earned money on something that doesn’t add up quality wise. That’s why I love doing product reviews. I look forward to trying new things and sharing what I love (and hate) with others, but I never imagined myself reviewing men’s underwear.

Tommy John reached out to me recently asking if I’d be interested in doing a product review. I was hesitant, primarily because they sell men’s underwear and I’m a woman. It looked to be a great product, so I, rather awkwardly, asked a few of my male co-workers if they’d be interested in trying out some underwear for a FatWallet merchant. I offered to write the review if they could try the underwear out and provide their feedback. I had no takers, so I did what any sensible married blogger would do, I coerced my husband into being my guinea pig.

He was hesitant, and said to me, “It’s underwear, how can it be different? You’re not going to make me try some embarrassing leopard print thong or anything, are you?” I promised him that it was nice stuff and I wouldn’t make him do anything embarrassing like posing in his underwear for a recreation of George Costanza in his Timeless Art of Seduction pose.

Tommy John sent me two crew neck undershirts for my husband to try, Cool Cotton Stretch and Second Skin, both retail for $40. (I think he was relieved it wasn’t underwear.)

The fabric had a nice silky and soft feeling to the touch. When I asked him about the shirts, he said, “They both stayed tucked and I liked how they weren’t bunchy under my clothes. Even though it was super hot and humid and I stayed cool and didn’t pit them out.”

My husband, who has strong arms and broad chest and commented that, “The Cool Cotton Stretch felt tighter in the arm pits. The Second Skin didn’t cling as much as the cool cotton stretch.”

My husband is rather detail oriented, and it’s a peeve of his when his undershirts look yellow and dingy under a crisp white dress shirt. He also really liked how the collar was smooth and flat on both shirts, regular cotton undershirts have a tendency to roll. He also liked that these shirts were ultra comfortable and long enough to stay tucked in all day.

He mentioned that the Second Skin shirt did pill when he wore it straight out of the box, but didn’t continue to do so after washing it. Both shirts washed up nicely, retaining their soft feel and shape.

An objection I had to the shirts was the price. As a bargain hunter, I do prefer quality, but $40 for an undershirt seems a bit on the pricy side.

I asked my husband if he’d pay that. His response was that, “It’s underwear; there is no visual appeal, so it’s got to be 100% performance.”

He brought up a good point that I’d spend $40+ on a bra without giving it a second thought. People who work in a hot climate, formal work environment, and/or who prefer quality would like the shirts.

As a woman, I can vouch that they definitely look sexier with their form fit. :)

Tommy John Undershirts

Product Review Recap:

  • Company:
    Tommy John offers men’s underwear and undershirts in breathable fabrics with a comfortable slim fit that make your outerwear look great.
  • Pros:
    • Form fitted and not bunchy under clothes
    • Cool to wear
    • Stays tucked in
    • Washes nicely
    • Collar stayed flat
    • Silky soft fabric
    • Bright white color
  • Cons:
    • Pricy compared to competition (check out the Buy One Get One Free as well as the 20% off starter kit offers below to bring down the cost.)
    • Second Skin pilled before washing (didn’t pill after washing it.)


  1. Mike Cody says

    Buyer beware! I purchased 4 pairs of the second skin boxer briefs and all 4 developed holes in the exact same spot in only a few wearings. Totally disappointing results and I would not even consider purchasing another item from TJ.

    • Lencho says

      I also found the same holes formed right under the ischial tuberosities (butt bones) with 20 wash/wears cycles. I stand for 75% of my workday as well, so that should n’t be a contributing factor. Love the feel and fit, but at that cost they should last a year at least.

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