Profitable Hobbies: Making Fun Pay Off

Hobbies are a way of life for many of us. If you have a job that you absolutely love, you’re in the minority, sadly, although most of us find work tolerable at least. Many of us use our jobs as a means to afford our hobbies. What if, instead of sinking money into your hobby, you were able to get the hobby to pay you? It’s not that crazy; it just takes a bit of creativity and work.

Sell Your Work

The simplest way to make your hobby pay off is to sell your work. If you love to paint, for example, selling your paintings will bring you cash. If you love to write, sell your stories or poems to websites or magazines. If you create wood pieces, stained glass, sweaters, book covers, iron utensils or puppies, selling them is a natural extension of creating them. After all, there are only so many places you can display your own paintings.

Selling your work isn’t always as simple as putting it out there for buyers to grab. There are standard ways of selling things – for example art is generally sold through a gallery and most published pieces are sold to magazines or newspapers. The internet is changing all that, however, and by creating your own small website you can start promoting your own materials to sell directly. There are also online brokers and websites that can help you get started promoting and selling your own materials. A quick search online can help you find one in your specialty.

Market Your Skill

Selling the products of your hobby isn’t the only way to make the hobby payoff. You can also teach other people how to do what you do, especially if you’re very good at it, and you can make quite a bit of money offering lessons and teaching courses. For example, if you enjoy playing the piano, offering lessons in your neighborhood can pay more than $50 per hour. The same is true for tutoring subjects like writing, reading, foreign languages, science or math.

Community colleges and community centers often offer enrichment courses for interested parties in all sorts of things. You can apply for spot teaching virtually any topic under the sun, and even if there’s not a course already offered in your area, the college may be willing to start one up if you pitch your hobby enthusiastically and it’s something that fits well in a classroom. Teaching your skill is even easier if you can recruit a friend to teach alongside you.

Enjoy Your Skill and Show It Off!

There’s also an opportunity to make a bit of money online just by showing others what you do. The world of video tutorials and how-to steps is exploding and has been for some time. If you know how to do something that most people can’t figure out, why not make a simple video of yourself doing whatever it is, making dollhouse furniture or stripping old paint from wood for example, and then post the video online.

You can do this just for fun already, but posting the video as a way to get visitors to your website where you have more information along with some ads or sponsors can generate a bit of revenue. If you combine all three of these things – create products and then teach and show others how to do what you do and where to buy your own work – you can grow a profitable side business or at least make enough to enjoy your hobby without cutting into your household budget.

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