Prom Tips to Look Hot and Overspend Not

Summer is on its way, and we couldn’t be more excited, but before the school year ends and vacation begins, we can’t forget about the most memorable event during high school, PROM! Getting ready for such an important night can be quite an expensive process. You have to find the perfect dress, jewelry, and shoes. You have to get your hair, your nails and your makeup done. And, if you’re paying for it all on your own, you have to keep all these expenses under a tight budget. That’s where these tips on how to save on prom really come in handy!

1. Instead of getting your makeup done:

You can always do your own makeup! Even if you aren’t exactly a makeup artist, there are plenty of YouTube videos out there that will have you applying makeup like a pro in no time. There are even special tutorials that show you exactly how to get specific prom looks that will match your style and your dress!

Why not try getting your makeup done for free? Makeup counters at the mall (such as Revlon, Clinique, MAC, and Sephora) will give you a free consultation, and they have plenty of makeup artists that are dying to get their hands on a blank canvas (face) like yours. If you head on over to the mall before prom, they will apply your makeup (with some of the best products) for no charge, but you might want to purchase a product or two to show your gratitude.

2. Instead of spending tons of money on a prom up-do:

Head over to to see what they have “in store.” Groupon’s “Well-Groomed deals” supply you with amazing discounts on a whole bunch of salons that offer cuts, blowouts, extensions, keratin treatments, straightening, and more. These deals have been known to slash prices into a portion of their original cost. And, all the discounts that Groupon supplies are within your selected area!

Or, you can try YouTube again. There are some awesome tutorials to show you how to create the perfect prom hair on your own with what you already have lying around the house!

3. Instead of getting a professional manicure:

Skip the cost and time spent at the nail salon, and purchase yourself some nail strips. This way, you can get awesome nail designs for a fraction of the cost, and it only takes minutes to apply them. Incoco’s Prom Collection of nail appliqu├ęs consists of 20 different nail polish shades, so you are bound to find one that matches your dress. Nail polish strips are the only way to decorate your nails with professional results without the need for dry time. This means no smudges, smears, or messy cuticles, which is ideal, because the last thing you need on prom night is a wrecked manicure!

4. Instead of breaking the bank for a dress and accessories:

Rent them! There are websites (like, which offer pre-worn prom dresses, jewelry, and shoes for a massively discounted price on a rental basis. These sites are life savers, since how often do you wear your prom dress after prom night anyway? Never.

Raid other people’s closets. Vintage is so “in” these days, so why not go through some of mom’s old dresses, or the stash in grandma’s closet that she kept for just the occasion. After all, fashion trends repeat! But, if you’re a modern style girl, why not ask a friend to borrow her old prom dress form a few years back? Sharing is caring! You can always make these “older” dresses your own by with a few quick alterations and some added beading!

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