Proof: FatWallet Free After Rebate Deals Can Pay Your College Tuition

College Tuition

There are infinite ways to save money with FatWallet and just as many ways to spend that savings! What do you do with your FatWallet savings?

One of our members, squinky86, used Free After Rebate (FAR) deals to pay for a semester of college and posted about it in theĀ forums!

“A sincere thank you to Fatwallet and the people who have helped out by posting the FAR deals. You can either look at this as “FREE tuition with the purchase of tons of software” or “FREE tons of software with the payment of your tuition.” Either way, it was a fun way to pay for a semester!” – squinky86

After hearing about the forum post, Mandi Woodruff, from Business Insider, snagged an interview with squinky86 and posted the details of his rebate getting, money saving, college tuition-paying system here.

I love reading about the ingenuity of our members and the ways they squeak out savings from places most would never consider! We applaud you, squinky86! Here’s a FatWallet virtual high-five from all of us for your creativity!

Your turn! Tell us how you save with FatWallet and what you’re saving for!

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