Protect Your Precious Gadget

We’ve all become soooo addicted to our precious gadgets. Admit it. You’d be lost if you lost your smartphone, and breaking that tablet–well, you’d be heartbroken. But it happens all the time. A guy walks into a public bathroom, rests his iPhone on the counter, washes up and leaves without remembering the phone. Or a girl leaves her iPad on the edge of her bed and it falls to the floor, shattering the screen into thousands of shards.

So don’t take chances. Take precautions. Here are proven ways to protect the gadgets you love–from getting the right case and being extra careful to choosing the best protection plan for your device.

Do Damage Control:

  • Use a screen protector. This should be Gadget 101. iPhone screens are notoriously famous for shattering. And you’re paying big bucks for your tablet’s huge, life-like display. Do you really want it getting all scratched up?

    Whether you have an iPhone, a Droid, or an iPad, buy a screen protector and put it over your gadget’s glass. It will reduce the direct pressure to your screen, help prevent scratches, and protect the glass from breaking if your device is dropped.

  • Pick the right case or cover. Sure, that hot pink phone skin with the skull heads is super cute, but drop your device with only that on it and it’s toast. Look for gadget covers that do more than decorate. Rubber bumpers are okay, hard shells are even better. And if you’re super clumsy, in the military, or spend lots of time at the beach, consider one of those heavy-duty cases that house your phone in an airtight shatterproof “box”, surrounded by a layer of shock-resistant rubber.
  • Avoid water. We know you like to check your e-mail in the john, but if at all possible, keep your device away from water. It’s the culprit of a lot of gadget destruction. Avoid sinks, bathtubs, lakes, oceans, and please, check your pockets before diving in the pool. Also, keep your phone away from drinks that could easily be spilled, especially if you have little children who are prone to spilling them.

Take Care and Be Aware

  • Be mindful. Your device is your baby. Act like a parent and get in the habit of always knowing where it is. And, before leaving any location, check to make sure you have what you came with.

  • Travel Smart. Trips are a major cause of damage and theft. When staying at a hotel or resort, keep valuable electronics in an in-room safe. And try to keep your device out of sight of staff who may enter your room and feel tempted to take it.

    When flying, keep electronics stowed under the seat in front of you so you can keep tabs on them. Tablets can become damaged when luggage shifts in the overhead bins during the flights.Also, it’s easy for someone to take your bag by mistake. Sure, you might eventually get it back, but having to spend your trip gadget-less would be a major bummer.

Have a Back-Up Plan

  • Get protection. Yes, you just shelled out quite a few shekels for that gadget, but it’s going to cost you even more if you have to replace it. Get yourself a good protection plan and you’ll be covered for Accidental Damage like drops and spills, plus theft, fire, flood, natural disasters–even lightning! At Worth Ave. Group, we offer coverage with low deductibles and premiums as low as $4 a month. A small price to pay for the freedom to be carefree.

  • Know the difference between warranties & insurance. Before you sign on for a service plan, read the fine print. You may think that warranty you bought has your back in any situation, but in most cases, it only covers manufacturer defects. An insurance policy is much more comprehensive.

    Also, a warranty only applies to ONE item. So, once a claim has been filed with the warranty, you must purchase the warranty again on the new item. An insurance policy covers the policyholder and the device. Which means, once a claim has been filed, the new device is still covered under the policy. This is a huge difference that can quickly make your fat wallet skinny if you happen to file several claims.

Follow these tips, and you and the handheld object of your affection will enjoy a nice, long relationship!

This guest post is contributed by Gretchen Cathey of Worth Ave. Group, providers of “Insurance Solutions for a Digital World.” Worth Ave. Group specializes in insuring laptops, iPhones, iPads and other electronic devices, and has some of the most affordable and comprehensive plans available. With over 40 years of insurance experience, customers can be sure they’re protected by the best policy around.

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