Quiz: What’s Your Black Friday Shopping Personality?


What kind of a Black Friday shopper are you? Do you love crowds or the comfort of your own home? Are you a fan of shopping with friends, or are you on a mission? Find out your fun Black Friday personality here!

Take our short 5-question quiz to discover your Black Friday Shopping personality!

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Thrifty Shopper

You’re tight on money, and definitely shopping on a budget. For you, Black Friday is all about the deals and making the most of your dollars! Specific items aren’t as important as getting % off, cash back, or free stuff. You base several of your gifts on deals and when you get into that store, you are on a mission.

Shop ’til You Drop Shopper

You LOVE shopping and you LOVE Black Friday! You’re running the show! You’ve got a plan in mind and you’re determined to see it through. This is when you get in the zone, and you plan to start your shopping early and go late into Friday. You’ve got a list of what you want and you’re not stopping until you’re done.

Social Shopper

You like to watch and spend time with friends rather than be in the game yourself. Black Friday is fun, but not really because of the shopping – but because it’s a great time to hang out with pals and loved ones! It’s practically its own holiday, and you love spending those hours with other people.


You’re looking for some (preferably cheap) merchandise, but you may not have anything specific in mind. You’re just around to browse and look, and if you find something that screams “Perfect!” to you, then you’ll pick it up.

Online Shopper

You’re not about going out and trying to fight crowds to get what you want; that’s stressful! It’s much easier to stay in the comfort of your own home and snag those hot items from your couch. You appreciate the convenience and ease of not having to go out.

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