Returning to Renting: Scale Down in Style

With the real estate market still working hard to stabilize, many families are opting to leave homes that are underwater or they are opting out of an expensive lifestyle and looking to accommodate extended unemployment. Whatever the reason, if you’re leaving the home ownership market and opting to rent again, it’s important that you do so with as much as style and grace as possible – not only for your peace of mind, but for your dignity as well.

Planning Ahead

The more you can plan ahead, the more smoothly you can expect a move to be. For example, if you know that you’re going to be trying to sell, move into a short term housing unit so that the property can be renovated to look its best while you get ready to sell. Short-term housing will give you a place more comfortable than a hotel, but not as binding as a new lease on a rental house or apartment. You’ll be able to move all of your things out of your current house to effectively remove clutter and allow it to shine in the best possible light.

Once you’ve sold your home, you’ll be in a great position to seek out the new rental home that you want in a new location. The rental almost makes the physical process of moving easier since you can put the majority of your things in storage and then move them in later when you’ve found a more permanent location. You can take all the time you need since most short-term rentals are furnished.

Do Your Research

The real estate slump has affected different areas in different ways. Before you rush into a new lease on a home or apartment, do your research. If you’re used to living in a home with a yard, you might have a bit of a challenge moving back into an apartment with shared walls and neighbors upstairs.

There is also some consideration necessary for moving into an area where your children will need to change schools. Consider carefully if you’re willing to change locations for your children. Moving can be traumatic for children regardless, but moving just a neighborhood or two away leaves you near the community you already know and your children are much less likely to resist the move if you’re able to attend their same school and see the same friends every day.

This isn’t always possible, however, especially if the area you live in now doesn’t have any available employment opportunities or has become too expensive. Moving to a new location brings with it a host of possibilities. Be sure that you research your move well ahead of time to be sure you’re in an area that has the schools, careers and affordable homes that you’re seeking.

As the real estate market settles over the next few years, you’ll likely consider moving back into home ownership. Be sure to arrange housing that allows you to save a bit every month toward your future.

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