Salvation Army Bell Ringing Fun


FatWallet gave all of us an opportunity to give back last week as bell ringers for the Salvation Army outside of our local Walmart and Walgreens stores. It was a new experience for myself (and many others I believe) that I’m so glad I had. Here are a few fun photos, funny stories, and thoughts about the experience from those of us who remembered to document the event with a photo!

To all our members, followers, shoppers, and friends:

Thank you for being part of our community, for sharing your deals, connecting with us in the forums, Facebook, and twitter, and making our jobs so much fun!

Happy Holidays!

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Salvation Army Bell Ringing Fun

salvation army

Carmelina & Laura:

“Laura and I came back from ringing at the Walgreens and a lot of people gave which was nice!

We do want to share the best part however… older gentlemen said to us “have fun girls…at least you get out of school for this!”. Sure, we’ll take that! He just gave US a great gift ;)”

salvation army

Brandon & Andy:

“Actually, my mom walked right passed us and went into Wallgreens. I told Brandon, “I’m pretty sure that my mom just walked passed us!” I went inside and double checked and it was! She said she saw Brandon but didn’t even look at me. Avoiding bell ringer eye contact I think. We all had a great laugh.”

salvation army

Carmelina & Joe

“Joe and I had a BLAST! We laughed, w

e danced, we sang, but most of all we learned a little bit about people and and about ourselves!”

salvation army


“My favorite memory from ringing the bell was seeing the geniune want to give from the people passing by. From the older gentleman throwing in his leftover change to the two college kids coughing up what they had left in their pockets – it touched my heart. I thought I’d see more people ducking their heads down or avoiding eye contact with us, but majority of the people stopped to give or say Merry Christmas. It was a wonderful feeling!”

salvation army

salvation army

Melissa & Ryan

“It was very interesting to me that our first givers were a very young boy (age 6 or 7) and an old lady carrying a cane. This just shows that people can be caring at any stage of life. When you are young you give unconditionally and when you are old you become wise and you understand the importance of giving as a whole. Regardless of age, it shows that humanity is still caring and thoughtful regardless of all of the negativity the media projects.”

salvation army

Mitch & Brad

“If it wasn’t for FatWallet I wouldn’t have been there, so I appreciate that they made it possible for us to be able to help a good cause like the Salvation Army!”


salvation army

Ryan & Erin

“The moment that I thought was especially touching was when an elderly person walked past Erin and I and then came back carrying groceries in both hands that she had to set down just to take the time to donate. She mentioned that she had been to Wal-Mart earlier in the day and had already left $5 but thought it was important enough to donate again. I thought that was pretty remarkable.”

“My favorite moments are when parents give their little toddlers money to put in. They try so hard to get those quarters and pennies and nickels to fit in the little slot with their chubby little fingers. The best part is that they don’t quit until every last piece of change is in there. I always wish more adults gave as dedicatedly as children do.”

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