Santa’s List Day (December 4th)

Apparently today is Santa’s List Day: the day Santa Claus finalizes the list of Good and Bad kids, and all of the candidates have been thoroughly vetted.

Bad kids: The deadline is here, and if you made the naughty list, you’re going to be beaten with sticks and kidnapped by der Weinachtsmann’s helper. (That’s Santa Claus, but everything sounds scarier in German, right?)

Good kids: You have a lot of cause for celebration, in addition to not being whipped and taken from your homes in the middle of the night.

There are 21 days between receiving 2009’s Good List honors and Christmas. Next year’s review process won’t begin until December 26th. This gives you three weeks where your actions are virtually consequence free due to a loophole in the naughty/nice review process.

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