Save money and be entertained with movie discounts

Check your local theater for membership cards

One of the best ways to save when going to the movies is to take advantage of a membership card from your local theater. Here’s the way they work: Every time you make a purchase, whether it’s a ticket, gift card or food at the concession, you earn points. As points accumulate, you get rewards, starting with a free small popcorn, then a free small soft drink, and finally a free admission. Then the cycle starts all over again. Membership cards are absolutely free, so there is no downside.

Matinee when possible

With the price of movie tickets going up all the time, it is important to time your movie viewing around when you can get the best prices. That, of course, would be matinee times. Savings vary by theater, but they are substantial. Matinees offer less crowded theaters and thus more enjoyment and better seats. Matinee doesn’t mean you have to go in the middle of the day. Most theaters have matinee prices until 6 PM.

Take advantage of bargain theaters in your area

Many towns have theaters that offer movies at hugely reduced rates. Some are as low as $2. The downside of these types of theaters is that the movies have been out for a while. If you can be patient, and don’t mind waiting a while, it can really pay off for you.

Eat your popcorn at home

Even though eating popcorn and other snacks at the theater is part of the experience for most of us, it can be a real budget buster. The mark up on soft drinks, popcorn, bottled water, and candy is enough to make your wallet weep. Eat your snacks before you go to the theater and save that $15 to $20 at the concession. You may also want to check your local theater for nights when they offer popcorn for a dollar. Regal Cinemas does this on Tuesdays.

Redbox and Netflix

Watching a movie in the comfort of your home has been made much easier with Netflix. For a small monthly fee, they mail a movie to your home, you return it and receive the next movie on your list. The turn-around time is quick, enabling you to watch lots of movies each month. You can also access movies from your Playstation or Wii consoles.

When renting the latest DVDs, Redbox can’t be beat. It only costs $1.00 per night and is located everywhere. Going online to reserve a title means you’ll always get the movie you want.

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