Savvy Shoppers Secret for Finding the Best Black Friday Deals

It’s not even November and the Black Friday ads have already started to leak and the deals are starting to flow in! We had more than 115 Black Friday ads leak last year, and this year is expected to be even higher.

With so many Black Friday deals and so many stores participating in the shopping holiday, keeping track of which deals you want to buy from which stores can be monumental.

Let us simplify and streamline your Black Friday shopping. Our online Black Friday Deal Finder, iPhone and Android Deal Finder apps, and Black Friday ad leak email alerts will keep you on top of your shopping game!

“Customize the way you shop vs. being told how to shop.” – Mashable

FatWallet Black Friday Deal Finder and Apps

Our Deal Finder started in 2009, in the forums, by a few members who were creating spread sheets to organize the Black Friday deals that were coming in. After asking members about what they needed, getting feedback and bouncing ideas around, a couple of FatWallet staff took on the project to create the first Black Friday Deal Finder.

Continuing our tradition of creating helpful shopping resources, we’ve gathered the ideas from our members each year to expand and improve on our original tool. Today it contains scanned ads, all the deals and the ability to shop directly from the Deal Finder!

The Deal Finder and Deal Finder apps make shopping for Black Friday deals easy–anywhere, giving you the ability to search, compare, save and even share deals with your friends and family.

The Deal Finder contains all the Black Friday 2013 ads and deals, as well as Thanksgiving Day sales and Cyber Monday deals, and toy catalogs from all your favorite stores!

You can also sort by store, categories, price, and brands as well as sort by deals that are available on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday.

Last year we added interactive Black Friday ad scans to the Black Friday Deal Finder and apps that gave shoppers the ability to turn through the pages of each ad, click for details and set instant or daily alerts for early notification of sales they’re watching for!

  • View each store’s ad online, from within the app, or download the ad as a PDF.
  • Mouse-over any item in any ad and view a pop-up with details including current price and was price.
  • Choose to view more details about the deal or click on the Shop Now button to make a purchase.
  • Share deals via email or text
  • Flag deals as favorites for quick in-store reference and comparison

FatWallet Checkout – 2 Click Purchases!

One of our favorite new features is the ability to shop directly from the Deal Finder or app with only 2 clicks, using our FatWallet Checkout.

This helps you avoid the hassles with multiple retailer shopping carts which require you to re-enter your information for every store. Set up your FatWallet Checkout with your first purchase and we’ll securely store it for you.

Your first click on the item begins the checkout. Confirm the tax, shipping charges and complete your purchase with the second click. You’ll also receive instant cash back by completing your purchases right here on FatWallet.

Download the Black Friday Deal Finder iOS App Free through iTunes

The Black Friday Deal Finder Android App is a free download at Google Play

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