Secret to Saving More Money on Black Friday Shopping

Don’t get suckered into paying more than you should on Black Friday!

There’s no doubt that the deals will be spectacular in the stores, our Black Friday Deal Finder proves it, but shopping at the brick and mortar stores on Black Friday may not always be the best way to save the most money.

Many people will be shopping online instead of hitting the stores early on Friday morning, and those savvy enough to be reading this post, will be cashing in on some extra savings that the in-store shoppers will miss–cash back on their purchase!

Sure, some of them will earn cash back by using a specific credit card or debit card, but if they’re only shopping in the stores they’ll be missing out on the cash back they could be earning through FatWallet.

How Cash Back Works to Save You More Money:

When you shop through FatWallet, the stores we have a relationship with pay us a commission. We turn around and share that commission with you in the form of Cash Back.

You can see all the stores that offer cash back by clicking on the Cash Back button above.

Cash Back Sales Save You Even More Money:

From time-to-time we will negotiate with the stores for an increase our commission which we pass onto you in the form of a Cash Back Sale–an increased cash back amount you can earn when you shop through FatWallet.

Right now we have a huge Holiday Cash Back Sale going on with dozens of our merchants!

Stack Your Cash Back with Other Deals on Black Friday

To maximize your savings on Black Friday, stack your cash back from FatWallet with cash back on your credit or debit card, free shipping, coupons, and sale prices!

The Black Friday Store Hours & Doorbuster Deals post contains the shopping hours of the stores listed in our deal finder, 45 of which offer cash back when you shop online!

Cash Back Shopping Guidelines:

There are some guidelines to shopping with Cash Back that you should be aware of, in order to maximize your savings and avoid the cash-back gremlins that can sometimes interfere with the process:

  1. Log into your FatWallet account before you start your shopping.

  2. Look for the cash back symbol when you’re browsing through the coupons and deals on FatWallet.
  3. Make sure you go directly to the store when you click a cash back link on FatWallet and stay there until your purchas is completed. Don’t browse the internet and come back to it or your cash back may not be tracked.
  4. Make sure your shopping cart is empty when you arrive at a store through a FatWallet link so that any shopping you do will qualify for cash back.
  5. Complete your shopping purchase all the way through payment and getting your receipt before you click away to any other sites.
  6. Your cash back may be void if you use coupons that are not marked with the cash back symbol .
  7. Cash Back doesn’t track well through your mobile device, so plan to shop from your computer instead of your phone.
  8. Feel free to leave yourself a note about your cash back on FatWallet to help you keep track of your shopping.
  9. If you have any problems with your cash back, we have a team of researchers who are here to help you!

Cashing Out on Your Cash Back

The amount of time your cash back takes to become available depends on the merchant and when they pay FatWallet, but when your cash back is available you can request either a check or your cash back deposited into your paypal account.

You can manage your cash back here.


Happy shopping everyone!

:) Heather

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