September’s Stock Up Items: Everything You Need for Back to School Lunches

It’s time to find your scissors, buy a few extra Sunday papers, and grab your coupon binder because September is National Coupon Month and a great month to stock up on items for back to school lunches.

September usually signals the beginning of fall which means cooler temperatures (even though we’re still experiencing 90 degree temperatures where I live), apple picking, football, and the kids returning to school. However as coupon shoppers, we know that September is National Coupon Month. I’ll admit I did not know such a thing existed, but it was started back in 1998!

Everything You Need for Back to School Lunches

September also signals rock bottom prices on back to school lunch box foods including juice boxes, pudding cups, Lunchables, snacks such as Chex Mix and Bugles, lunchmeat, peanut butter, and jelly.

I’ve seen sales pop up on individually packaged cracker snacks that go in my son’s lunch boxes. These are also convenient snacks to keep in our van for our many fall nights at the football field. I got 2 boxes for $2.50 each yesterday at the store. The regular price at my supermarket is $5.99, which is why I almost never buy them.

Just to brag a little bit more, this same store had a Kraft Catalina promotion running last week. I bought 10 Kraft items, spent $17.65 total, and I got $12 back in Catalina’s to use next time!

If you’re new to coupon shopping

…and even if you’re not, September is a great month to get started finding buys on everything to pack your kids’ lunches for school, or in my case, also having plenty of snacks for football games throughout the week.

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