Shannen’s Best After Christmas Sales

christmas salesAfter shopping until you drop to get ready for Christmas, who wants to think about doing any shopping after the holidays? Shannen does! Here are a few things to shop for after Christmas this year.

Shannen’s Best After Christmas Sales

I may be one of those people who shops on Black Friday every year, but I’m not always one of those people out shopping bright at early on December 26th. I do, however, make it out to do some after Christmas shopping in the days after the holidays.

If you are planning to do some after Christmas shopping, here are some things you won’t want to miss out on.

  • Christmas goods

    • Wrapping paper, gift bags and boxes, and other Christmas decorations
  • Coats and other winter clothing
    • These items always go on sale right after the holidays
  • Exercise equipment
      If your New Year’s resolution is to get healthy, you will find sales on health & fitness equipment.
  • A new vehicle
    • If you are in the market for a new car, look for last years models. Dealers are trying to clear out inventory, so you will get a better deal on these. It’s better to buy at the end of the month because dealerships are trying to hit sales figures for manufacturer incentives.
  • Returned electronics
    • Many times open boxed merchandise can get you additional savings. This is also true with your favorite electronics.
  • Toys
    • Who wants to buy toys for the upcoming year? Toys go on sale after Christmas each year. My youngest son’s birthday is in January, and my oldest has his birthday in March, so I always get a start on buying for their birthdays.

So in between taking down your holiday decorations this year, take some time to check out the after Christmas sales instead of paying full price later in the year or next year at Christmas time.

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