Shannen’s Number One Reason to Shop Supermarkets vs. Super-Centers

Super-Centers nationwide advertise things such as everyday low prices and price breaks on everything from dog food, toiletry items, to produce. I can honestly say that over the past 2 years since I started coupon shopping, I shop at Super-Centers less and less. It’s not because when I combine sale prices with coupons, I can usually save more money. It’s because I have found over the past two years that customer service at Supermarkets are top notch compared to Super-Centers. The employees at my favorite Supermarkets are the number one reason why I return over and over to shop. I love to shop at stores like HyVee, Logli & Schnucks, Jewel Osco, and my locally owned Sullivans store.

Friendly Cashiers

At my favorite Supermarkets I don’t have to try and decide which cashier looks the friendliest, because all of them are great! The Supermarkets have a friendly atmosphere and the employees truly enjoy working there. At certain Super-Centers, I avoid all cashiers except a select few. I will wait in line, even if it’s long, for the select few cashiers at Super-Centers who seem to enjoy working there and are always friendly. If none of them happen to be working, I prefer to use the self-checkouts.

Employees Who Help When You Need It

I never have a problem finding someone for help at a Supermarket. There are always people walking around making eye contact with me and asking if I need help finding something. They will go look in the back stock if there’s an item missing on the shelf. At another Super-Center, I can almost never find someone to help me locate a product if it’s not on the shelf. There are only a few employees who will help me at the Super-Center.

Prompt Service

The Supermarket’s deli counter is stocked with at least two or more employees so I never have to wait to get served. At some Super-Centers, I have to stand and wait for someone working the deli to make eye contact with me or ring the bell. That annoys me more than anything. I’ve walked away more than once because of their deli counter service. Should I really have to ring a bell?

Going Above and Beyond

Supermarkets go above and beyond to help their customers. A few months ago, I forgot a bag of groceries in my cart at one of the Supermarkets I visit. When I called to see if it was still there and explain that I lived out of town, they told me to come back another day with my receipt and they would replace the items for me. When I returned to claim my items, they even offered to go get them for me rather than have me walk through the store myself. I’m not sure what the Super-Center’s policy is, but based on how unfriendly their employees are at times, I’m not sure they would have been so happy to help me out.

Acknowledge Their Excellent Service

I’m sure Supermarkets also have their days when their service isn’t exactly the best, but in my opinion these days have to be far and few between. If I have a day where I’ve received exceptional service, I will call the store to talk with the manager or send them an email to tell them how great their employees were to me. At times I may even spend a little more money at the Supermarket vs. the Super-Center, but to me it’s worth it for the customer service.

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