Shark Week: 10 Places to Meet Sharks

Countless people look forward to shark week every year. Some people love shark week, because they love sharks. Some may love shark week just to watch these massive creatures attack something. I love shark week, because I find it fascinating as well as informational.

While I love to watch shark week on TV, I personally never wish to meet a shark in real life. Nevertheless, I know there are plenty of brave souls who do wish to come in contact with sharks.

Some of those people are scientists who put tags on sharks to study them. Others are considered thrill seekers who look for an adrenaline rush.

If you are interested in getting face to fin with sharks in a more controlled environment there are various places for this opportunity, including aquariums. Better yet make a vacation out of the opportunity and save money with cash back FatWallet travel sites.

“Here Sharky, Sharky”

Photo From Aquarium of the Pacific

1. Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA offers various ways to meet sharks. All visitors can pet smaller sharks in the Shark Lagoon exhibit, which is included in the ticket price. For extra you can take a behind the scenes tour and feed some of the larger sharks. This experience doesn’t qualify as actual diving, but it does get you up close and personal with sharks. If you decide diving is for you, they offer two locations to choose from. You can choose to dive into their Tropical Reef Habitat or Catalina, a nearby island. In the Tropical Reef habitat you are likely to see Blacktip and Zebra sharks, but in Catalina there are no guarantees of what you’ll see. (I’ve been to the Aquarium of the Pacific, but I was only brave enough to pet the sharks! :) )

Photo From Adventure Aquarium

2. At Adventure Aquarium, in Camden, NJ, only a small barrier reef will be between you and the sharks. This allows you to be only inches away from them without the possibility of actually bumping into them. After the sharks you can pet and feed stingrays.

Photo From Long Island Aquarium

3. Long Island Aquarium, of Riverhead, NY, puts you in a cage and drops you into their Lost City of Atlantis Shark Exhibit. In this eerie exhibit you may come face-to-face with Sand, Tiger and Nurse sharks.

Photo From Disney World

4. Disney World in Orlando, FL offers a special Epcot DiveQuest experience for those looking to explore more than just Nemo. In the Caribbean Coral Reef you will be surround by 6,000 saltwater oceanic creatures, including sharks.

Photo From Melbourne Aquarium

5. Melbourne Aquarium in Melbourne, Australia offers many options to gain unforgettable experiences. One is the Shark Dive Xtreme that allows you swim along with Sandbar and Nurse sharks.

Photo From Atlantis

6. The Atlantis resort in Paradise Island, Bahamas offers two ways to come closer to sharks. One option is the Serpent Slide, which is a clear tube slide that passes through the Shark Lagoon. The other option is to wear a clear glass helmet and walk on the bottom of the Shark Lagoon. Hammerhead, Blanknose, and Caribbean Reef sharks could all be part of your view.

Photo From Mandalay Bay

7. Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, NV is much more than just a Vegas hotel. There is Shark Reef Aquarium along with fantastic dining, nightlife, casino, and shopping. At the Shark Reef Aquarium you can meet a different type of shark than those who dwell in the casino. Sharks in the aquarium include Sand Tiger, Sandbar, Gray Reef, Galapagos, Nurse, Whitetip, and Zebra.

Photo From Downtown Aquarium

8. At Downtown Aquarium in Denver, CO you can explore their sunken ship. You will swim with Sand Tiger sharks, Brown sharks, Zebra sharks, and many other ocean creatures.

Photo From Florida Aquarium

9. Florida Aquarium in Tampa, FL allows certified drivers into their Coral Reef Exhibit, which is meant to replicate the coral reefs of the Florida Keys. In this exhibit you may meet a 10-foot Tiger shark.

10. The Maui Ocean Center in Maui, Hawaii might be the most dangerous of these shark drives. Maui Ocean Center’s 750,000gallon open water exhibit allows oceanic creatures to come and go as they please. There are no guarantees on what you will see, but the sharks you could spot include Tiger sharks, Hammerhead sharks, Blacktip Reef sharks, Whitetip Reef sharks Grey Reef sharks, and Sandbar sharks. Want to bring home a souvenir? Maui Ocean Center allows you to keep any shark teeth you find, as well as, take pictures.

After seeing all the different opportunities to meet a shark underwater, which would you be most likely to do? Or are you too scared, like me, to meet the toothy ocean predator.

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