Shopping Cycle: Rock Bottom Prices on Everything

We’ve talked before about how products at supermarkets tend to follow a 12 week sale cycle.

You’ll notice that products may hit their lowest prices during the times of year when we may be buying them most.

For example, we just got done with the holiday season, so you probably saw all kinds of deals on baking items, chips, crackers, etc. These are items you were probably looking to buy during the past few weeks. In the fall, there were all kinds of back to school specials. In the spring, look for your cleaning products to be on sale.

Remember it’s during these times when you want to stock up on items so you’re not paying a lot more later in the year.

Month by Month Sales

On I found the following list of items for the year and when they typically go on sale and reach their lowest price. This will also be a good guide as we start 2012.

  • January: Super Bowl time is a great time to stock up on chili, chips, 2 liters of pop. Cereal is also at its lowest in January.
  • February: Valentine’s day is the perfect time to buy candy and chocolate at it’s lowest prices of the year.
  • March: Seafood is at bargain prices for Lent. March is also “frozen food month.”
  • April: Clean up with savings on cleaners and paper products and celebrate Earth day with great sales on organic foods.
  • May: Get stocked up for picnic season with condiments and enjoy low prices on Mexican food for Cinco De Mayo.
  • June: Milk takes center stage during dairy month. Pack the freezer full of ice cream too!
  • July: 4th of July cookouts and BBQ season is a great time to get the lowest prices on hamburger patties, buns, condiments and sodas.
  • August: It’s breakfast month; an attempt to get everyone back on a routine for school? Who knows, but now’s the time to buy your cereal, juices, and frozen waffles!
  • September: It’s back to school time and time to stock up on lunch box treats, drink boxes, canned soup, and lunch meats.
  • October: Restock the freezer with the second cycle for frozen foods. Fill the pantry with holiday baking essentials like cookie and cake mixes, frosting, nuts, and chocolate chips.
  • November: Get ready for the cold months of winter by stocking up on hot beverages; cocoa, tea, coffee. Canned soups are hot this time of year as are fixings for Thanksgiving.
  • December: It’s party time, and time to buy your party platter foods and appetizers like sour cream, dips, cold cuts, chips, crackers. Holiday entertaining also gifts you with savings on stuffing, ham, potato mixes, butter, pie filling, pie crusts, and canned soups.

Stock up Price List

I’ve included a link from The Krazy Coupon Lady which can give you some ideas on what a good price is for certain items. In my area, I don’t know if I’ve seen products as low as the prices she has, but this chart is still helpful.

Bargain Buys

You’ve probably noticed the past week or so that stores by you are running special sales or extended sales with their flyers. Expect this to continue until after the first of the year. Also, now is the time to stock up for next year on Christmas items such as decorations, wrapping supplies, & paper products. I was out shopping yesterday and was surprised at how picked over a lot of stores were already. I did get a few good deals though!

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