Six Things to Consider Before Sending Your Husband to the Grocery Store

husband grocery store Note from the editor:
Head’s up guys! This is in no way meant to be offensive to all you awesome men out there! My husband is the living example of Mr. Mom. He is a much better cook than I am, has the patience to actually comparison shop at the grocery store, and runs circles around me when it comes to sticking to a list and avoiding impulse purchases. 

I think I’m more like Shannen’s husband than he is! (Which is why we let her do the “couponing” blogs around here!) 

We can all be a little passionate and perfectionistic in the areas of our expertise, but there are many ways to get to the same goal, and other ways, even if they’re different than “our way,” can still be good.

“Housework (or grocery couponing) done incorrectly still blesses your family!” ~ FlyLady

:) Heather

Before you think of sending your husband to the grocery to pick up a few things that are on sale, you may want to think twice (or maybe it’s just at my house). Here are a six things to think about before you consider sending your husband grocery shopping. And a little disclaimer here, the items on this list may or may not have happened at my house!

    • Don’t send him with too big of a list. This will just make you wish you went yourself because he will essentially call or text you with questions about every item.


    • Don’t send him with your kids unless you want to hear from him later how hard it is to shop with kids. Although maybe this would be a good way for him to see why you like to leave them at home when you can.


    • Don’t make it too complicated. A simple list with the exact brand names and amounts of the items you need will work the best.


    • Don’t expect him to redeem Register Rewards, Extra Care Bucks, or Catalinas. You’ll be better off making a trip yourself. Refer to tip number 3 if you are unsure.


    • Don’t expect him to listen to any tips you think he might need before you head to the store. He probably isn’t listening (especially if he’s trying to watch a football game or baseball game).


  • Don’t expect to relax while he’s at the store. He will probably call you regardless.

Now I will give my husband a little credit here. He does usually try to get what I want when I do send him to the store! However, he hates going grocery shopping more than I do, so it really is easier if I just do the grocery shopping myself.

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