Slowly going bald!

In one of my earlier posts on my blog I mentioned my commitment to using up all products I have before purchasing a new product. This has turned out to be an interesting experience.

Here’s the deal: I ran out of my normal hair conditioner a little over a month ago. Since that time, I have been using samples, travel ones, and now I’m left with hotel conditioners. That’s right. I’m one of those people. I take the conditioners, lotions and soaps on my last stay at any hotel.

Why do we feel inclined to take hotel soaps, lotions and conditioners?

I use the term we because I know I am not the only one out there who does this. My first thought is I paid x amount of dollars to stay here so I am getting my money’s worth and taking what I can! The second thought is if I do not take this they will probably just throw it away. Why waste it? So here I am. For the last two weeks I have been using my glamorous collection of hotel conditioners.

Today I am down to my last conditioner thank goodness. It’s cucumber melon and smells great. But I believe its missing the conditioning element. Combing my hair after I shower has been the biggest pain in the butt! The comb is covered in my hair by the time I’m done, and my scalp feels like it’s going to bleed. If this keeps up much longer, I will be bald before I need to buy a new conditioner. I am happy that I have stayed committed to my actual need for conditioner. Although every time I comb my hair my scalp is pulsing, after I do feel close to saying I NEED a new conditioner.

Guest contributor Bonnie Ungaro writes about her quest to quit shopping for one year.

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