Smartphones Top Electronics Choice for Shoppers in 2014 [SURVEY]

“Half of Americans say they are likely to buy a new smartphone this year”

March Madness DealsFatWallet announces 2014 Electronics Buying Survey (see INFOGRAPHIC):

The March survey (*TNS Global) reveals some interesting consumer buying trends for electronics, especially related to the upcoming March electronics sale madness as 48% of American adults say they’ll likely purchase a new smartphone this year (6 in 10 for those under the age of 30). With the anticipation of the new Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 on the horizon, Walmart, Best Buy and Target are all offering ongoing trade-in discounts on older smartphone models in an attempt to clear inventory for these new smartphone models (comScore MobiLens January 2014 reports Apple and Samsung owning +68% of mobile subscribers–PC Mag). Other retailers will ramp up traditional March electronics sales this week, adding even more madness as FatWallet members reap increased savings in the annual March Mania Cash Back Sale.

With almost 2/3 of those surveyed saying they plan to purchase electronics this year, other results highlight 1 in 4 saying they’ll buy tablets (1 in 3 want iPads) and even more are planning to buy laptops (with more than half saying they want either HP or Dell). More than half (53%) say they buy their electronics from online retailers and almost 10% buy they’re electronics via mobile device. As far as how many will buy new HDTVs, see full results from FatWallet’s TV Buyer Survey (JAN 2014 pre-Super Bowl).

Full survey results:

Almost half of Americans (48%) are likely to buy a “new” smartphone this year

(6 in 10 for those under age 30)
Q: How likely are you to buy a new cell phone/smartphone in 2014?

  • 47.6% (Net) Likely

  • 14.3% Extremely likely
  • 11.2% Very likely
  • 22.1% Somewhat likely
  • 52.4% Not likely

Q: Of the following items, which cell phone/smartphone are you likely to purchase this year?

  • 38.8% iPhone

  • 40.7% Android Phone
  • 9.1% Windows Phone
  • 11.3% Basic Cell Phone (no data plan)

Q: Of the following options, which Cell Phone Carrier are you likely sign up with?

  • 32.8% Verizon

  • 25.8% AT&T
  • 10.0% T-Mobile
  • 17.3% Sprint
  • 3.0% Virgin Mobile
  • 28.2% Other
  • 12.9% No Contract

Of Note: Android more popular than iPhone for those under age 40, 14% of Boomers want Windows phones, 20% of seniors still want basic cell phones (not smartphones), 1 in 3 want Verizon as their carrier, while 1 in 4 want AT&T, 13% will elect for No Contract (+18% for 40 and older)

1 in every 4 adults are likely to buy a new tablet in 2014

(1 in 3 people age 30-39 will buy a new tablet)
Q: How likely are you to buy a new tablet in 2014?

  • 24.9% (Net) Likely

  • 4.1% Extremely likely
  • 5.3% Very likely
  • 15.5%Somewhat likely
  • 75.1% Not likely

Q: Of the following options, which new tablet are you likely to buy?

  • 34.0% iPad

  • 30.8% Android tablet
  • 20.0% Kindle tablet
  • 15.1% Windows tablet

Of Note: 34% want iPads (43% of females), 31% want Android tablets, 20% want Kindle tablets, 15% want Windows tablets

More will buy new laptops than will buy new tablets in 2014

(27% are likely to buy a new laptop/computer this year)
Q: How likely are you to buy a new laptop/computer in 2014?

  • 26.5% Likely (Net)

  • 3.6% Extremely likely
  • 7.2% Very likely
  • 15.7% Somewhat likely
73.5% Not likely

Q: Of the following options, which laptop brand are you likely to purchase?

  • 14.4% Apple

  • 26.5% HP
5.2% Lenovo
24.1% Dell
5.5% ASUS
  • 8.5% Samsung
  • 15.8% Other

Of Note: 27% want HP, 24% Dell, 14% Apple, 9% Samsung
 Apple and Dell most popular brands in the West

More than 1 in 4 plan to purchase wireless products in 2014

Q: Which TV brand do you plan to purchase?

  • 26.6% (Net) Any

  • 8.3% Streaming Media Devices (Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, or other brand)
  • 11.5% Wireless Printer
7.1% Bluetooth Headphones or Speakers
  • 5.9% Wireless Home Automation Devices (remote control of entry, security, HVAC, lighting, audio)
  • 6.2% Wearable Gadgets (Smart Watches, Fitness Bands, or other)
  • 73.4% None of the above

Of Note: Wireless printers are most coveted at 12%, followed by streaming media devices at 8%, 6% said they will buy wearable gadgets (smart watches, fitness bands, etc), 6% said they will buy wireless automation products for their home

Nearly 3 out of 4 Americans will buy electronics this year

(Almost one third of us will spend $500 or more on electronics this year)
Q: How much will you spend on electronics products this year?

  • 72.2% (Net) Plan to buy electronics

  • 41.5% Less than $500
17.8% $500-999
9.1% $1000-$1999
  • 3.8% $2,000 or more
  • 27.8% I do not plan to buy any electronics this year

Of Note: 40% of high income earners (>75k/yr) will spend $500 or more
 41% said they will spend less than $500 on electronics this year
 28% do not currently plan to buy any electronics this year

Better than half of Americans (52%) use online retailers to buy their electronics

Q: Of the following options, which are you likely to use when purchasing electronics products?

  • 52.1% Online Retailer

  • 18.8% Online Coupon/Deal Site
9.2% Mobile Device (smartphone/tablet)
77.7% In-Store
  • 5.2% Private Seller (classifieds or used)

Of Note: 10% use mobile devices to buy their electronics, 19% use coupon/deal sites

*The national survey conducted online by TNS on behalf of in July 2013 was fielded among 1,000 adults ages 18 or older.

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