Spring Cleaning Tips…For Your iPhone!

Does your iPhone home screen look like a phantasmagoria of multi-colored app icons? Does it take you 15 finger swipes through all your pages of apps to find the one you’re looking for? Do you frequently download a clever-sounding app, try it once, and then never think to use it again?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are in desperate need of some iPhone spring cleaning. It’s time to unclutter your smartphone and alleviate yourself from all the burdensome apps you never use, and save you time searching for the ones you do.

Unfortunately, many people find a deep satisfaction in being an “app hoarder.” Despite never using 90% of the apps they’ve downloaded onto their phone, they cannot find the strength to delete the apps they don’t need.

Don’t become one of these sad souls. Here are four questions to ask yourself to help you take spring cleaning to the digital level and unclutter your iPhone.

When was the last time you used the app?

This one is obvious, but sometimes app hoarders need to see the common sense written in plain English in order to gain the confidence to go through with the uninstallations. If you can’t remember the last time you used the app, delete it. An app can’t make your life any more convenient if it’s not being used.

Does this app fit into your lifestyle?

Sure, an app that sends you push notifications about the nearest antique furniture sale is nice, but if you’re not an avid antique aficionado, this app is as useless as a chocolate teapot. Apps are only useful if they already fit into your daily routine. An app will never convince you to make lifestyle changes, so don’t spring for the ones that fall outside of your pursuits and interests.

Can you afford the space?

If your iPhone is chalk full of music, and you can only hold a limited number of apps, make sure to determine which apps are space hogs. The usual culprits here are gaming apps. Now, I’m not suggesting you delete the essentials like Doodlejump or Angry Birds. No one could handle life without those. But I do recommend uninstalling the space hogging games like a “Madden NFL” or a “Grand Theft Auto.” Sure, it is quite the novelty to have a game that was originally designed for Xbox on your iPhone, but these games just aren’t meant to be played without a separate controller. Leave the hardcore gaming to your Playstation.

Are you using folders?

Old habits die hard, and if you owned an iPhone before iOS 4 came out, you probably have avoided using folders for your apps. But thanks to spring cleaning, you have the perfect excuse to change your ways. Creating folders for your apps is easy and allows you to condense your home interface to just a few pages. No more endless swiping as you search for your yelp! app. Trust me, it will unclutter your entire iPhone experience.

First glance, what app can you delete? Happy cleaning!

Emma Stover is a writer and a huge fan of wireless iphone sync apps. She will be cleaning out her iPhone as soon as the weather turns more spring-like.

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