Supermarket Checklist: Don’t Leave Home Without These 7 Things

grocery checklistHas this happened to you? You finally get a chance to go to the grocery store without your kids, and when you get to the store, you’ve forgotten your coupons, your list, and/or your wallet.

I’m sure this has happened to all of us; in fact it happened to me on Sunday afternoon. I actually had some time to go to the grocery store by myself to pick up a few things we needed for back to school lunches this week. Just as I was about to walk into the store, I realized that I did not have any of my coupons with me. Ugh. So I could have driven back home 35 minutes to get my coupons or just forget it. With gas at $3.99 a gallon right now, I chose to forget it. Thank goodness there weren’t too many things that I had coupons for, but still! I guess I was in such a rush to get out the door by myself that I didn’t check to make sure I had everything I needed with me.

Here is my list of things to double check before heading to the store to ensure grocery savings:

  1. Saver’s card or gas card for your favorite stores
    • I keep these either in my coupon index file or in my wallet
  2. Coupon binder (if you use one)
    • I keep mine in the car usually unless the store is offering really great coupon sales like tripling or super doubling
  3. Coupons
    • I keep the ones I know I will be using in a smaller index file that fits in my purse
  4. Grocery list
    • I always shop better when I have my list in hand!
  5. Weekly ads either in hand or accessible with your phone
    • I like to have this with me to double check prices and sales if I need to.
  6. Calculator
    • This helps out a lot when I’m trying to figure out if a smaller or larger sized package is the better deal on something.
  7. Reusable bags
    • Some stores offer discounts when you use your own bags for groceries

I bet some of these seem like no brainer things to take with you to the store, but I’m sure we’ve all been to the store and forgotten at least one of these things we needed!

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